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Looking into getting into cycling routines? Fitness Republic has your go-to cycling guide.

Recumbent Bike Benefits You Must Know

Can’t seem to decide if a recumbent exercise bike is the right choice or not? Well, a recumbent bike certainly has the caliber to quench your thirst for a proper exercise equipment. Here, we discuss some of the top recumbent bike benefits. Whether you are sure or not about getting a recumbent bike, you cannot deny the benefits that come along with one. Not too behind on intensity and a matchless comfort make a recumbent bike worth checking out. What Is a Recumbent Bike Anyway? If you are beginner and have little to no idea about recumbent bikes then don’t ... Read more

Cycling: A Boost for Cognitive Function and Wellbeing in Older Adults

A lifetime of regular physical activity slows down aging, as found in a 2019 study by researchers at the University of Birmingham. Walking, swimming, and cycling are often recommended for seniors because they do not cause stress to the joints and can be engaged in by people of all ages and fitness levels. A recent study by Louse-Ann Leyland and colleagues suggests that there is an additional reason why older people should consider cycling as a regular sport: it can boost cognitive functioning and wellbeing, also boosting brain integrity and helping to reduce the occurrence of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia. Focusing ... Read more

The Top 5 Fitness Benefits of Racing Cyclocross

Did you know that learning cyclocross is very difficult because it involves a lot of lifting and rotation of your body? However, it comes with a lot of benefits once you learn how to do it. This type of sport is usually a combination of a criterium-style race that involves racing several laps around a closed circuit.  And also steeplechase-style running involving a merge of various skills into one race such as distance running, long jumping and hurdling. Racing cyclocross mostly means riding your bike during winter where you face a lot of challenges such as getting dirty riding in ... Read more

Pedal Power – Incorporating Cycling Into Your Fitness Routine

When you think about the ultimate workout you tend to envision a gym or studio setting, lots of scary equipment and a hefty entrance fee. Your journey to a healthier version of yourself, however, does not have to fit into that box. There are many ways of incorporating exercise into your daily routine that gives you all the same benefits without having to step foot anywhere near a gym. Cycling, for example, dramatically improves your fitness without having to ensure the impact your joints absorb when running. Hopping on your bike can also help you burn up to 400 calories ... Read more

10 Important Benefits of Stationary Bike

Any physical exercise has numerous health benefits. And there are almost no alternatives to regular physical exercise in living well. Nowadays, we pass the busiest days ever and cannot find spare time to take physical exercise going to the gym. Besides, there are other issues like climate- cold or hot, mood and the like which hinder us from going to the gym for regular physical exercise. If the conditions are the same, you can continue your daily workout with a stationary bike at home! You can do almost the same exercise that one best folding exercise bike does. A stationary ... Read more

5 Easy Ways To Instantly Improve Your Cycling Speed

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