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5 Easy Fitness Ideas to Start in 2016

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5 Easy Fitness Ideas to Start in 2016

An easy way to get your joints moving, your blood flowing, and your body in shape is to simply get up and take a walk. By doing it after dinner you also stimulate digestion, burn calories, and keep yourself from getting after dinner fatigue. The American Heart Association recommends at least 30 minutes of brisk walking, five days a week, to help keep your heart healthy (American Heart Association, 2014). But they also note that some exercise is better than no exercise, so if you need to build up your stamina just start with a leisurely, five minute walk around the block and then work your way up.

Take Your Dog For A Walk Or Simply Enjoy Some Nature Time With Your Kids

If you have a pet, instead of just letting your dog into the back yard to do his business take him for a walk. This is a great way for both of you to get some exercise and to bond together. Don’t have a pet? Then take the kids on a regular nature hike. And remember, there is nature even in the most urban of jungles. In the city? Look for squirrels and pigeons, and talk about how those animals survive in human dominated areas. Make this a time of family togetherness, appreciation for nature, learning, and fitness.

Say No To Junk Food

Do your best to stay away from junk food. Yes, candy bars, potato chips and soda pop – we mean you! Avoid even buying processed foods laden with sugar, salt and preservatives; if the food is not even in the house it will be a lot harder for you to eat it. Still need a little treat once in a while? Keep a supply of individually wrapped dark chocolates in a high cupboard; this way, you have to go out of your way to get it but can satisfy your sweet tooth in a way that will give you a few antioxidants as a bonus without derailing your diet. Still afraid that your diet is lacking? Consider bulk supplements such as multi-vitamins and vitamin B to round out your nutritional intake and to give you the extra energy that you need to stick to your new exercise habits.

Take The Staircase Rather Than The Elevator

This is a tough one for many of us because laziness has simply become a habit. But look for ways to get a little more exercise easily. Forget the escalator or elevator and take the stairs instead. A little too tough on the knees or heavy breathing? Start by at least taking them down for a few days, then work on take them up as well. Also, stop driving in circles looking for the perfect parking space. Just take that space a little further from the store and gain a few extra steps that way.

Do Easy Home Based Exercises

You can get exercise for your entire body at home, without spending a penny on any exercise equipment. Sound too tough because you are a world record holding couch potato? Then use the television to your advantage and do push-ups, sit-ups, squats, stretches, planks and other simple exercises on the commercials! If you watch television for 2 hours every night and you exercise on all of the commercials that could equal as much as 40 minutes of exercise every day without taking any time away from any activity that you enjoy!

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