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Cheese, Beef and Spinach Pinwheels ...

Cheese, Beef and Spinach Pinwheels are eye-pleasing and too delicious to taste!! It is a speedy-to-prepare appetizer you can make in advance when having a party next day.. The magical recipe will delight all your family and friends, while they wait for the main course!!


Bruschetta Style Layered Spread Recipe

Many dishes seem to be lifeless without dips or dressings. Bruschetta Style Layered Spread is one such spread recipe that will add more taste to your dishes, making them much more lively and delicious!! It has such a smooth, velvety texture and a pretty quick, simple method for anyone to try..


Spicy Cheese and Bean Dip Recipe

What a creamy and cheesy appetizer it is!! Spicy Cheese and Bean Dip will force everyone to smack their lips for once at least… It has a melt-in-mouth texture with a kick of hot salsa that goes so well with cheese and beans. This recipe will add wonders to your dinner party!


Italian Red Pepper Crostini Recipe

Crispy toasts with cheesy red pepper topping will leave all your friends and family begging for seconds!! Italian Red Pepper Crostini makes classically delicious appetizer that you can make for your next New Year gathering and I assure you, it won’t let you down at all!!


Fennel and Potato Soup Recipe

A perfect slow-cooking soup that fits with any course meal in winters! Fennel and Potato Soup Recipe gives you just what you need from a gentle, warming soup. It has a delicious flavor and simple appearance to cherish with your family or friends!


Peaches in White Wine Recipe

Peaches in White Wine is an absolutely effortless dessert. It not only has an incredibly delicious taste but it is also pretty economical and quick. For a party or dinner on short notice, go for it and please your guests!


Havana Cobbler Recipe

Havana Cobbler is a traditional form of alcoholic drink but this recipe brings Havana Cobbler with a ravishing variation by combining ginger ale and maple syrup. Add some champagne, brandy or port if you don’t want to use red wine and recreate it your way!


Fennel Salad Recipe

Fennel Salad has an immensely cooling and refreshing effect, whether eaten before meals or just as a snack. Fennel Salad Recipe serves you with right amount of proteins and carbohydrates and cucumber in it helps avoid dehydration and thirst.


Simple Coleslaw Recipe

Simple Coleslaw Recipe is great to serve with any sort of gravies or sandwiches. It has a tangy flavor with a hint of spice in it. You can also add some fruits like apples or pineapples if you want a touch of sweetness too.