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Herbed Potatoes Recipe

Could you possible think of a better sideline to any dish for your Saint Patrick’s day? This Irish Herbed Potatoes is an absolute must-have in your menue!


Beans with Parsley Sauce

Particularly scrumptious, this Beans with Parsley Sauce recipe is bound to get you hooked! One serving is over 100 calories and each bite bursts with flavor!


Lime Pudding Cakes Recipe

Sweeten up your Saint Patrick’s Day with this light Lime Pudding Cake Recipe. This Recipe can be conjured within the hour and will give you 6 servings!


Artichoke Spinach Dip Recipe

Give a boost to your immunity and get gorgeous skin with an interesting spin on spinach artichoke dip that goes really well with crackers or a few slices of toasted bread!


Artichoke Spread Recipe

The Artichoke Spread is a breeze to make and brings a great taste to whatever you decide to enjoy it with. Ideal for enjoying with crackers.


Apple Crisp Pie

If you’re not a baker then don’t worry! This trouble-free dessert is easy to cook and is the perfect end to a delicious and heavenly Thanksgiving meal!


Spiced Fish with Ginger Mash Recipe

Spiced Fish with Ginger Mash Recipe is simply amazing! It is rich in flavors as it combines harissa, mashed potatoes, lemon and butter with baked fish! Your family will get fully indulge in its wonderful aroma! Serve it best with fresh green vegetables!


Simple Egg Stew Recipe

Egg Stew Recipe is very simple to make! It has a perfect combination of spices with bouillon cube blended together with egg and tomato sauce will give an everlasting effect on your taste buds! Make this effortless stew at home and enjoy to its fullest!


Wholemeal Soda Bread Recipe

Wholemeal Soda Bread Recipe is amazing! The deliciousness enhances as you add cream of tartar in it! Make this effortless bread at home and let your family enjoy the freshness of homemade wholemeal soda bread!