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Avocado Dip Recipe

A great dip to snack on with some chips. The overall nutrition of this Avocado Dip Recipe (due to the chips), is not very high. Hence, make sure to treat yourself only once in a while. Cheers!


Delicious Shredded Potato Cakes Recipe

This Shredded Potato Cakes Recipe is a delightful short-cut owing to the incorporation of frozen hash browns!


Zucchini Pancakes Recipe

Serve this savory summer squash and potato combination which wakes up your taste buds with a dollop of sour cream and became the new pancake master!!


Potato Apple Pancakes Recipe

An aromatic Potato Apple Pancakes Recipe that can be eaten alone and goes amazingly with smoked salmon and horseradish; coupled with bacon or sausages, could be an unusual St.Patrick’s breakfast to kick start the festivities!


Easy Corned Beef Casserole Recipe

The Corned Beef Casserole Recipe has always been a crowd pleaser! Extremely tasty; everyone will be left begging for seconds!


Ice Cream Shamrocks Recipe

These adorable looking soft, chewy chocolate cookie and festive mint green ice cream dessert is sure to delight the kids and entice your guests during the holiday!


Hot Pastrami Spread Recipe

Great with bite sized bagel pieces or crackers, sizzling hot pastrami spread that would make any Irishman dance the night out with its spicy edge!


French Onion Garlic Bread Recipe

This recipe puts a twist on the rich delectable french onion soup with cheesy garlic bread to create a mouth watering Italian American appetizer. It serves 12, definitely a must have on this St. Pat’s dinner!


Bread Rolls Recipe

The bread rolls recipe is an easy to prepare recipe that doesn’t require a lot of ingredients. The bread rolls are a great side item to have along with dinner or lunch and taste great with cream cheese or butter.