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Sweet Potatoes with Pecans Recipe

Sweet Potatoes with Pecans is not only mouth-watering, but, also exceptionally nourishing with all the essential vitamins and minerals! A lightly sweet and spicy combination of brown sugar with cinnamon goes great with sweet potatoes to make it an ideal side-dish for any of your main course dish.


Mini Whoopie Pies Recipe

Does the name excite you??? Mini Whoopie Pies are so luscious to taste and adorably appealing in looks!! It makes an amazing desert to accompany any of your main course. So, if your new year party is around, you should give it a try and impress all your guests!!


Pecan and Pumpkin Pie Recipe

This delightfully tasty Pecan and Pumpkin Pie is so eye-pleasing that it will intend all your guests to die for!! Pies were never so good before, its super easy-to-follow method and heavenly taste makes it unique among others… You will be followed for the recipe!


Leek and Potato Soup Recipe

There couldn’t be any simpler yet flavorful soup recipe than this Leek and Potato Soup recipe. Just try it out to believe that just 4 or 5 ingredients can create such a luscious French soup! Serve it at winter dinners or thanksgiving proudly!


Marinated Zucchini and Green Bean Salad ...

Serve your vegetarian friends with this light and delightful Marinated Zucchini and Green Beans Salad recipe. This simple to prepare recipe will win you a lot of hearty compliments from them. A simplistic salad recipe with fabulous taste!


Italian Bread Pudding

This rich and creamy Italian Bread Pudding will certainly become a hit recipe! It’s a simplistic recipe and you don’t need to rush to the super stores in search of ingredients. Serve it alongside tea or as desert companion for vanilla ice-cream!


Indian Naan Bread Recipe

Are you tired of thinking what to serve alongside your spicy gravies? Indian Naan Bread is the solution to your problem! This simplistic recipe is ideal to serve with gravies, pickles or sauces. Forget the ordinary breads and try something new!


Grapefruit and Alfalfa Salad Recipe

Grapefruit and Alfalfa Salad seems to be a really light snack with little ingredients but it proves filling for your tummy with a fabulous taste and a number of nutritional benefits.


Duck and Mango Salad Recipe

Duck with Mango Salad recipe is from the inclusive world of healthy recipes.