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Dr Tayaba Khan is a dental surgeon and medical and academic writer with over eight years of experience. Her international writing experience has helped her in attaining an in-depth understanding of the global healthcare systems and the challenges of patient care therein. She is currently doing her MBA in health and hospital management to gain understanding of the economic and financial aspects of healthcare. Apart from writing, she is currently engaged in health care marketing and branding projects for local and international clients.

The Facts You Didn’t Know About ...

Urinary tract infections must be taken seriously


Seven Ways to Detoxify Yourself Daily

A regular detox routine does wonders for your body, helps improve mood and makes you more energetic happy.


Remedies For Sleepless Nights

So you are another victim of sleepless nights, overworked and delayed projects due to lack of sleep and plain tiredness? Never fear, there are solutions to insomnia or sleeplessness available. You just need to see which sleep remedies will work for you.