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I am currently a features contributor for Fitness Republic focusing on health and fitness topics to help improve your daily life! My expertise is honed by my own fitness journey and love for running. As a half-marathoner, you can say that I'm only half crazy. I majored in journalism at Columbia College Chicago and currently live in the Chicagoland area.

Should You Work Out If You’re ...

You’re right in the middle of training or reaching your weight loss goal and—boom—your groove is interrupted by a bug that’s been going around. You might not want to completely stop your training, but when exactly should you stop pushing your body’s limits and focus on recovery?


How to Prevent Running Injuries

Learn how to prevent running-related injuries with these tips!


How To Eat For Six Pack Abs


Transforming your body doesn’t only happen at the gym, it happens in the kitchen! Learn how to eat for flat, ripped abs!


HIIT Punches and Kicks for Ripped Abs

Get ripped abs with these powerful punches and kicks!


How Marathon Training Can Cause Weight ...

You wouldn’t think that marathon training can make you gain weight due to many reasons from nutrition to increased muscle!


Fun Ways to Exercise With Your Kids

There are plenty of ways to maintain an active lifestyle even when you the kids to look after!


30-Day Beach Body Workout Challenge

Get Your Summer Body with this 30-Day Beach Body Workout Challenge!


How One City Lost Over One Million ...

Obesity is a growing epidemic in the United States. There is unlimited access to unhealthy foods that cost less and are more convenient to obtain.


Safety Rules Every Runner Should Follow

Running is a great way to stay fit and works with pretty much every schedule. The road is never closed and there’s no monthly fee! But there are quite a few safety tips you should consider before hitting the pavement, especially during certain times of the day and in certain locations.