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Elise is a graduate of The College of William and Mary with a degree in Kinesiology and with a Psychology minor. She is currently a contributing Fitness writer and she is an Exercise and Health enthusiast. Her goal is to write articles that inspire readers to unleash the full potential of their minds and bodies by defeating physical and mental challenges through hard work, discipline and willpower.

10 Exercises To Tone, Tighten And ...

These 10 bootcamp exercises will help tone not just your tush, but your thighs and core as well.


September Fitness Challenge

If you are a newbie to working out, jump onto the fitness wagon by completing this month long beginner challenge and whip your body into shape!


August Fitness Challenge: Amazing Arms ...

Make August the month for change! Complete this fitness challenge, which will transform your arms and legs so that they have the tone and definition that you have always wanted!


10 Best Summer Exercises for Women

It is one of the best feelings when you are comfortable in your own skin and beyond confident when showing off your gorgeous bikini body at the beach or pool! If you are looking for some killer exercises that will work multiple, major muscle groups and help you tone up, incorporate these 10 exercises in your summertime workout routine!


7 Ways to Enjoy Sex this Summer

In need of the ultimate summer vacation? Take a trip to pleasure island with these 7 ways to enjoy sex this summer!


6 Low-Calorie Crunchy Chip Recipes

Since snacking is the opportunity to give yourself an energy kick and to refuel between meals, why not do it right? Forget greasy, empty-calorie potato chips, and try any or all of these 6 amazing vegetable or fruit-based crunchy chip recipes.


30-Minute American Ninja Warrior ...

Think you have what it takes to be on American Ninja warrior? Complete this 30-Minute workout plan to test your strength and ability as well as to train like a ninja as if you are truly going to take on the show’s gut-wrenchly challenging obstacle course!


Fab Abs! June Fitness Challenge

Complete this 30-day fitness challenge, which is focused on improving abdominal strength and toning your core. By the end of June, you’ll have fabulous abs!


At-Home Fitness Equipment Must-Haves

Interested in building a gym that is affordable, does not take up a lot of space and is conveniently located in your home? If so, this list of must-have exercise equipment items will have you there in no time in addition to costing you less than the money that you would have spent on an annual gym membership, plus it belongs to you!