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Erin Sparrold is passionate about nutrition, health, and wellness. She has over 20 years of experience helping people live healthier lives through nutrition and fitness. She believes that healthy eating and regular exercise are the foundation for a healthy life. She loves to see people empowered with knowledge and skills to help them improve their health.

Why Experts Now Think You Should Eat ...

Eat more fat: You’ll lose weight and be healthier.


Four Egg-Based Breakfasts For Weight ...

Affordable, accessible and easy to prepare, eggs keep you fuller for longer.


Tips For Losing Weight After 40

Ladies, losing weight as we get older is tricky. Here are some tips to help you.


How You Can Eat More Whole Foods?

The benefits of eating whole foods is being touted from many media sources these days. “Whole foods” is a term used to describe foods that have undergone a minimal amount of processing from the farm to your table.


Not Losing Weight, How Much Sleep Are ...

Exercise, eat healthy, and lose weight….right?!?! Well, what if there is a third variable that most people overlook? Let’s talk about the importance of sleep.


Protein Powders: How to Choose Wisely?

The number of protein powders available today is as varied as people’s opinions about which one is the best. The flavors available resemble the choices in an ice cream shop.


Savvy Ways to Make Eating Your Greens ...

These are our top 4 types of healthy leafy greens. Here’s how they’ll give you an awesome nutrition boost and how you can use them in tasty meals.


Why We’re Eating the Wrong Breakfast ...

For years, we were told that cereal, bagels, muffins, oats, and pastries were healthy go-to breakfast options. At the same time, we were told eggs were bad for us.


To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse?

Cleanse programs have become very popular. It seems as though everyone is promoting their own regimen. Some are helpful and some are harmful. It’s important to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into, so let’s examine some of whats, whens, and whys of cleansing.