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Erika is a certified personal trainer, Nutrition Coach, and fitness writer. She holds certifications from the American Council on Exercise (ACE), TRX Suspension Training Systems, Precision Nutrition. She specializes in creating gym-free workouts.

7 Soups to Eat with Tortillas

Are you in the mood for a tortilla but don’t want to overindulge? These soups are healthy, flavorful and were created to go perfectly with a side of tortilla.


Can Diet Soda Make Me Gain Weight?

Is diet soda a weight-loss friend or foe? There’s no conclusive evidence identifying diet soda as a direct cause of weight-gain. But there’s a growing amount of evidence to suggest that it’s not an ideal beverage for weight loss.


8 Fall Health Boosters

From back-to-school activities to holiday preparations, fall can keep your schedule absolutely packed. And the stress of a busy day can do a number on your health.


Foods to Refuel: What to Eat After a ...

When you exercise vigorously, your body uses its energy stores (fats, carbs and protein) for fuel. Later, these energy stores help your body recover from the stress of the workout.


Crazy for Quinoa: The Skinny on the ...

We aren’t the first people to consider quinoa a superfood. The ancient Incas were using quinoa 3,000 to 4,000 years ago, and they knew they had something special. They called it the “mother of all grains.”


Is Liquid Breakfast Healthy?

Weekday mornings can be an absolute blur! Many of us rush out the door without giving our nutrition goals a second thought. Some health-conscious folks have turned to liquid breakfast as a solution to their early morning nutrition needs.


20 Vegan Cupcake Recipes

Just because you pass on animal products does not mean you need to skip dessert. Vegan baking is alive and well! If you’re a vegan with a sweet tooth, we’ve got a treat for you! Here are 20 of the best vegan cupcake recipes the web has to offer!


Five Flat Belly Chicken Dishes

Whether you want to look sleek in your cocktail dress at a holiday party or look svelte in your swimsuit for your tropical winter getaway, a flat belly is a must!


7 Top Burger Styles in America

The average American eats three hamburgers a week for a grand total of 40 billion burgers annually! Our love of burgers is famous throughout the world for good reason!