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Pepper and Chilli Soup Recipe

Get excited with this fiery hot Mediterranean Pepper And Chilli Soup Recipe. A shot of spice is must every now and then! This velvety soup gives you just what you need. Tangy tomatoes, hot chili and fresh basil will definitely bring you a delightful experience!


Apple Dumpling Recipe

In the mood for some old school Apple Dumplings that are only a childhood memory? It’s time revisit those classic apple dumplings with this recipe.


Apple Dump Cake Recipe

The Apple Dump Cake Recipe is a simple with little preparation time!


Apple Crisp Oatmeal Recipe

Want a nutrition packed wholesome snack to munch on during the course of the day? These Apple Crisp Oatmeal Cookies may be just the thing you need. A relatively simple recipe which yields cookies which are bound to come in handy!


Grilled Chicken Breast with Dijon ...

This rich in protein dish with highly tantalizing roasted tomatoes and grilled chicken is absolutely spot on and pleasing!


Falafel Balls Recipe

Falafel Balls are healthy and delicious! It does not require much effort to cook these balls! It can be served as an appetizer or snack with hummus and tahini! Finding it difficult to feed your child? This recipe is the answer, as it is delicious and nutritious.


English Muffin Recipe

English Muffins are delicious! Your kids will surely love these muffins as they are small in size and has an amazing zest! The freshness of these muffins will enhance your snack time as well as your kids’ lunch time! Goes best with butter!


Pinwheel Loaf Recipe

Pinwheel Loaf Recipe is simply delicious! The sweet and sour taste of pickle with cheese and butter makes an amazing combination! You can serve this freshly made warm bread with soups, salads and savory dishes!


Peanut Bread Recipe

Peanut Bread is awesome! The aroma and zest of peanuts is so tempting that you can’t resist yourself! Make this bread at home to enjoy its freshness and richness of flavors! Slice before serving it with butter or cheese!