Author: Jessica Starks

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8 Exercises To Improve Balance And Strengthen Your Core

Balance is rarely the focus of most workout regimes, yet it's one of the key pillars of great fitness.

6 Mood-Boosting Exercises To Help Beat Depression

Exercise is great, but one lesser-known benefit is that is can positively influence your mental state! try out the six exercises to help you return to your happy self again!

10 Super Low-Carb Dinner Recipes

One of the many ways that people start out their weight loss journey is through the foods that they eat. It is commonly believed that carbs are not our best friends, so that is the first thing that people cut out.

10 Delicious Banana Smoothie Recipes

When most people think about smoothies, they assume that it's all about health and don't taste that good. Also, when people consider bananas, they cringe – well cringe no longer! Below are ten healthy and delicious recipes for banana smoothies that are sure to have you asking for more!

7 Easy Tips For Working Out At Home

Usage of household items as a workout equipment has increasingly become popular amongst all fitness junkies, new and old. Also gaining popularity is the idea of working out from the comfort of one's home. Home gyms can be a great asset to have, but sometimes a hassle to complete. Not sure how to get started on your home gym? Here are eight tips to help get you started!

7 Full-Body Kettlebell Exercises That Get Results

If there was one piece of equipment that you could use to work on your entire body, that piece of equipment could easily be the kettlebell! Kettlebells are priceless when it comes to working out every part of your body and whip it into proper shape! Below are eight kettlebell workouts for you to use for your whole person!

6 Must-Do Toning Exercises For Women Over 40

As women age, their bodies go through a lot of changes. One of these less-than-favorable changes in that in muscle tone. But your body doesn't have to suffer because of age! Here are 6 exercises women over 40 can do to bring back the tone of their younger years!