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Beer Cheese Fondue Recipe

An enticing concoction that’s sure to add the right air of tradition to your St. Pat’s Day dinner, this Beer Fondue can be served with pretzels or bread even!


Corn and Sweet Potato Pudding Recipe

Oh my my!! What a delicacy!! This Corn and Sweet Potato Pudding will drive all your family and friends crazy with its yummy melt-in-mouth taste. Apart from taste factor, it’s also a very healthy dessert with hominy, cornmeal and sweet potatoes. So, choose something healthy for a party dessert this time!


Green Bean and Radish Salad Recipe

Crispy, crunchy beans and radishes flavored with sweetness of honey. Green Bean and Radish Salad Recipe is a simple one but produces an ideal salad to serve on any occasion. Try using chili honey for an even better version of the salad!


French Brioche Recipe

French Brioches are small, puffy bread buns that look so attractive and have an equally great taste. Kids will love them and so will the elders, so, you won’t have any left-overs! French Brioches can be frozen for a long time in form of dough, but when baked, finish them up the same day!


Stuffed Vegetables Recipe

Stuffed Vegetables Recipe has a colorful and pleasing appearance with a ravishing herby taste. It’s rich in vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. Grease the mushrooms and bake them for 10 minutes before stuffing if you like them cooked.


Pina Colada Recipe

Pina Colada Recipe is the right choice for people with sweet tooth. Let this exotic fruity beverage excite and relax you in hot summers. Making this creamy Pina Colada is as easy as drinking it.


Easy Cucumber Salad Recipe

Quick Cucumber Salad is the perfect starter before a meal in scorching summers. It is an extremely refreshing light salad with cooling effect. Quick Cucumber Salad is also low in fats and calories with a good amount of vitamin A & C. Stay cool!


Potato Hash Recipe

Potato Hash has a tempting and juicy flavor. It is rich in Vitamin C, potassium and manganese. Potato hash can be serve with lush green salads and mixed pickle!


Potato Calzone Recipe

Potato and Tomato Calzones prove to be a scrumptious delight for your tummy. A wholesome, healthy meal made with yummy veggies and cheese wrapped in a crispy and crunchy layer. Potato and Tomato Calzones are rich in carbohydrates. Serve oven hot with fries or creamy salads!