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Prosperous Life Coach, Nutrition & Wellness Specialist and has worked in the fitness for over 27 years. Earning several awards within the fitness industry, Nathalie P’s experience has given people the motivation and inspiration to create healthy lifestyles. "Don’t Just Be. Be Your Best" is the way she lives her life.

Be Healthy on the Go!

Travelling has some perks but sometimes, do you feel that your exercise routine gets put on the back burner when you are away? Here are some simple exercises that you can do quickly in a hotel room.


Should I Run 30 Minutes Every Day, Or ...

Find out about length and frequency of workouts


Exercises Women With Big Butts Should Do

Whether you are beginner or advanced here are 10 exercises you can do in less than 15 minutes or incorporate into your workout in order to tighten your glutes.


Are You Over Complicating Your Diet?

Simplify the latest diet trends (avoid gluten and dairy, eat more protein, eat this, not that…) to a few simple rules.


Live your life following these 2 tips ...

On the temple of Apollo from the 6th Century before Christ, in Delphi, Greece, we can find these two inscriptions: ‘Know Thyself’ and ‘Nothing in Excess’.


Maximize Your Workouts By Knowing When ...

If you are exercising on a regular basis and eat relatively well and still don’t achieve the results you want, then this article is for you. You more likely know WHAT to eat. The key might be WHEN to eat it. It can be difficult to lose body fat when you are trying to keep up the energy to fulfill your weekly training commitments.


Cholesterol, HDL, LDL ? Still confused?

An easy way to differentiate the good and the bad cholesterol


Spring De-clutter, De-tox and De-Stress

Three new habits to brighten your spring season. Here are three techniques to cleanse the clutter, toxins and stress from your life:


Lose Weight By Knowing How Your Brain ...

In your brain is an area in the hypothalamus called the satiety center. That’s the area where your brain processes the hunger information.