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Mediterranean Soup Recipe

This soup is very tasty, the chunky vegetables fills you up and the soup juice is packed with all those lovely Mediterranean flavours.


Apple Pancake Recipe

These Apple Pancakes are a great way to ensure your breakfast is nothing short of a King’s! It is easy-to-make and is relatively nutritious thanks to the clever incorporation of fresh fruit and yogurt.


Celery Loaf Recipe

Trying Celery loaf Recipe is like entering to a new world of flavors! Bread made up of vegetables, is simply amazing! You will not find different taste, tempting aroma and unique ingredients like celery and cayenne pepper in any other bread!


Poppy Seed loaf Recipe

Poppy Seed Loaf Recipe is oh-so-delicious! Its zest and aroma are simply mouthwatering and will envelope you in its sweetness when you will bake it at home! This bread is perfect to serve up at tea time with butter!


Cinnamon Ring Recipe

Cinnamon Ring Recipe will give you an amazing zest! The savory and sweet flavor will bring a twist in your taste buds! Icing sugar and orange peel goes best in this recipe! Try it at home and enhance the flavors of your entire family!


Phyllo Triangles Recipe

Phyllo Triangles Recipe is amazing! It is an effortless dish to make with in less time! Try it at home and enjoy it as a snack with any drink, coffee or tea! You and your family will surely love the zest of cheese preserved in phyllo pastry sheets!


Cracked Wheat Recipe

Cracked Wheat Recipe gives an amazing idea to make a dish! Nor complicated neither difficult to make! Try this recipe at home and enjoy a different flavor of wheat with a blend of spices and fennel!


Spanish Potato Recipe

Spanish Chili Potatoes Recipe gives a well mixed combination of flavors and spices! It will give a twist of fine paprika and red wine vinegar to your taste buds! Enjoy this wonderful recipe with your entire family!


Middle Eastern Vegetable Stew Recipe

Middle Eastern Vegetable Stew is simply awesome! It’s an amazing dish which has so many combinations of different vegetables and spices! This is an ideal mid-week meal to try at home!