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Applesauce Spice Cake Recipe

A must try for your next bash-scrumptious applesauce spice cake that serves a dozen people! Serve it as a tea-time snack, or pack a slice for your kids school lunch!!


Applesauce brownies Recipes

Looking for moist, soft and gooey brownies without the greasiness? That’s exactly what you get with this sweet chocolate dessert! An out of the ordinary Applesauce brownies recipe that’s sure to tantalize your taste buds.


Apple Tart Recipe

A simple yet oozing with deliciousness, french apple tart recipe that tantalizes your taste buds! Serve this apple tart with your favorite ice cream scoop or Greek yoghurt for a nutritious alternate.


Apple Cranberry Stuffing Recipe

A great apple cranberry stuffing recipe that makes roasting turkey an adventure for your palette. Enliven your turkey with this great apple cranberry stuffing recipe.


Apple Cranberry Salad Recipe

Add cranberries and apples to your diet today and enjoy delicious crunchy goodness in a chilled salad! Enjoy this refreshing Apple Cranberry Salad today.


Apple Juice Recipe

Ditch processed sugar laden soda with this simple, healthy & tasty apple juice recipe. Easy to make at home, and free from preservatives, it is bound to be an instant hit with your guests and loved ones.


Apple Dip Recipe

Do you have a hard time getting your loved ones to eat healthy? Try this great Apple Dip Recipe to make fresh greens more palatable & exciting!


Apple Custard Pie recipe

This tasty Apple Custard Pie is a great variation on the classic recipe. Elegantly layered, this recipe works equally well at formal events and casual hangouts with your loved ones.


Pumpkin Bread Pudding with Raisins ...

This warm bread pudding is amazingly delicious and appetizing. Its soft texture melts instantly in your mouth!