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Sheryl Kraft is a freelance health journalist, whose print and online work has appeared in numerous outlets, including AARP, Prevention, Family Circle, MORE,, YahooHealth, WebMD, Senior Planet and more. She writes about health, fitness, nutrition and how to live your healthiest life.

The Many, Many Benefits Of Lemon

These little yellow superfoods can be used in dozens of different ways.


Healthy Snack Ideas For Busy Moms

Teaching your child their ABCs and 1,2,3s is not enough: you need to teach them healthy eating habits, too. It all starts with you. Too busy to add one more thing to your list? Here are 10 easy ways to make sure your child has the foundation for healthy snacking.


Foods That Boost Your Workout

If you’re into working out, chances are you’re into making your exercise sessions all they can be, except the food you eat. Here is the proper way to fuel your body for your workouts.


How Much Water Do You Really Need?

Conventional wisdom says you should drink 8 glasses of water a day. File that in the ‘old wives tale’ folder. Here’s the latest on fluid intake, water safety, and other things, like foods, that count toward your hydration needs.


8 Reasons You’re Losing Sleep

Do you toss and turn all night? You might be relieved that there are simple fixes for your sleep problems.


Surprising Ways to Keep Your Knees Happy

Are your knees hurting? You’re not alone. Knee problems do not discriminate: the can affect anybody.


Five Foods You Thought Were Unhealthy ...

There are foods you might not eat, like chocolate, because you think they’re bad for you. Here’s some good news, and permission to indulge in some formerly-shunned treats.


Drug-Free Ways to Beat Depression

Everyone feels blue or sad some of the time. If you have persistent feelings of sadness, here are some natural ways that can help ease the pain.


10 Easy Ways to Fit Fruit and Veggies ...

With a New Year comes many resolutions: Exercise more. Stress less. Lose Weight. Manage debt. Eat more fruits and vegetables.