10 Simple Ways to Reach Your Weight Loss Goal


10 Simple Ways to Reach Your Weight Loss Goal

Jul 5, 2015 //

You took the first step already—creating your weight loss goal—and now it’s time to set yourself up to achieve! The road toward arriving at the slimmer and trimmer you will be long and filled with many temptations. But taking the right steps will prevent you from succumbing to them. The grocery store for instance used to be innocent enough, but now the place might seem like a minefield. Snacking with reckless abandon was once a means of relieving stress, but no more! The following tips will help you keep from detouring down the beaten path of giving in to temptations, and instead shed that weight you set out to lose!

1. Get a Good Night’s Rest

It’s astounding. Just one night of insufficient sleep can result in weight gain, because your body naturally craves foods higher in sugar while it operates on less rest. So commit yourself to set aside enough time each evening to fall asleep at a reasonable hour. We recognize it’s tough to leave work at the office, but as with most things in life, balance is key. Summoning enough willpower to refrain from eating the foods that are tastier yet higher in fat and sugars is tough enough as it is. Don’t make the job any more difficult on yourself!

2. Treat Yourself

Most of us are motivated by some sort of incentive—a light at the end of the tunnel if you will. Without checkpoints it’s hard to tell how far you’ve come. So for every waist size cut or few pounds lost, reward yourself with a new pair of exercise shorts, pants or top!

3. Lay off the Sauce

You don’t need to cut out booze altogether, but while on the road toward losing weight do make an effort to drink less! Throwing back just a couple martinis can slow your body’s fat burning ability down by as much as 73%.

4. Don’t Starve Yourself

Starving yourself altogether might seem like the obvious way to cut weight, but it might be the worst. Plus such a destructive eating habit puts a world of stress on your body! We recommend you find healthy ways to eat rather than depriving yourself. If you keep your calorie count down too low for too long, your body will adapt as it does with most anything and simply reset your metabolism,thereby offsetting any weight loss you might’ve had.

5. Keep a Running Food Journal

Whether we’re talking about a leather bound notebook, or one of the many handy-dandy food journal calories counter apps available for phones—keep track of what you’re eating! We all fall prey to acts of self-denial. By writing down what you’re eating, you can lie all you want, but the scribed facts will ultimately prevail and help you key in on what parts of your diet might be slowing down your weight loss process.

6. Turn off the Tube

Eating food while enjoying what’s on TV undeniably feels all kinds of right, but it also generates a bottomless pit in your stomach! Seriously. A recent study reports that eating while watching TV can increase your calorie intake by up to 40%!

7. Call a Lifeline

Studies conclude that cravings last a mere fivw minutes; it’s surprising what one can accomplish in the way of unhealthy diet habit-relapse over that span of time. Next time you find a mad craving temptation weighing on you, reach out to a friend and allow for him or her to talk you away from the edge of the cliff. After all, what are friends for?

8. Keep Up Your Fruit Game

Fruit has zero fat and consists mainly of water, thereby leaving you feeling fuller longer without all the unwanted calories. And don’t for a second trip out about fruit’s famously higher carbohydrates count. We’re talking about the good carbs here!

9. Visualize Success

Positive visualization receives a great deal of praise for its power to effect positive change and ultimately inspire achievement. Why not apply such a renowned method to your weight loss efforts? Give it a shot and see for yourself!

10. Skip the Diet Soda

The ongoing widely held belief that diet sodas the healthy alternative to well, normal soda is an utter catastrophe. The deceiving drink as a matter of fact contains aspartame, which raises blood sugar levels and leaves you craving more starch and sugar (soda and other unhealthy options) as result.

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