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10 Tips To Boost Your Metabolism In Just One Day

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10 Tips To Boost Your Metabolism In Just One Day

When it comes to trying to lose weight and improve health, a lot of factors can come into play. One of these many factors is metabolism. Metabolism is the process necessary for your body to go through in order to convert the things you consume into energy. The things you take in have an impact on how your energy is converted, so this is very important for weight loss and management. Below are 10 simple and lesser-known ways to help you boost your metabolism in just 24 hours!

How do you boost your metabolism and lose weight?

The trick to boosting your metabolism is to come at your health from a holistic perspective. In order for your metabolism to be efficient, you need to have all of the systems in your body working effectively. This comes back to eating a wholesome diet filled with lean protein, healthy fats, fruits, vegetables, and healthy sources of carbohydrates. Lean protein can be anything such as chicken or turkey. Examples of healthy fats include avocado, nut butters, or olive oil. It’s best to keep fruits and vegetables varied and make sure that carbohydrates are from minimally processed and multigrain sources. From there, you have to look at staying hydrated, especially if you are exercising on a regular basis.

Eating a healthy diet and exercising are huge parts of the process of creating or maintaining a healthy metabolism, but there are other factors that play parts in this puzzle. One factor is sleep. If you aren’t sleeping enough, your body’s systems won’t have enough time to repair and recover from the day in order to be functioning at full capacity. Sleep also plays into stress levels. If your stress isn’t in check, then your hormones could be out of control and affect how you digest and deliver nutrients as well as store fat. It’s important to schedule enough time for sleep and relaxation into your day in order to help your metabolism function effectively.


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There aren’t any magic tricks, but simple and healthful living is the place to start. Everything should fall into place if you are living your life in the ways mentioned above.

How do you boost your metabolism after 40?

The good news is that the rules don’t change after you turn 40. The same basic and simple holistic living strategies apply to people of all ages who want their metabolisms to function well.

What foods should you avoid when you want to lose weight?

You should avoid anything with additives, preservatives, or chemicals. In addition, it’s a good idea to stick to low sugar and trans-fat free food. Treats are okay in moderation. The key is to create a change in your diet and lifestyle that you can sustain over time. It’s best to just focus on eating wholesome foods rather than making a list of what you can’t eat. This feeds into a healthier mindset for weight loss and overall health.

A side note is that a study found that caffeine and specifically coffee help to increase your metabolism during the three hours right after drinking it. This could be a nice addition to your meal plan to boost your metabolism.

Tips For Boosting Your Metabolism Rate

1. Get Some Sun

Don’t be afraid to go outside and get some rays! Studies have suggested that bright light can help regulate your body, your metabolism included! So even if you don’t get out first thing in the morning, try to go out at least once and take a nice walk. Remember to protect yourself – don’t want any sunburn!

2. Time For Tea

Tea helps in boosting your metabolism rate

Don’t worry about those diet sodas! Instead, brew yourself a nice cup of tea! Research has shown that the intake of tea allows your body to burn off about 100 extra calories! Some sources state that, when drinking green teas, four to five cups will help you burn at least 70 calories a day!

3. Laugh It Up

Laughing out helps in boosting metabolism

You know how they always say, “Laughter is the best medicine?” Well maybe they were on to something! Simply laughing for about ten minutes can let you workout between 10 and 40 calories! So go find something – or someone – funny and go laugh it up!

4. Protein Pack

Eating protein meals help in boosting metabolism

One method to eat your way to a metabolism boost is by eating protein! Protein-rich foods like chicken and fish makes your body work harder to digest those foods into your system. As a result, more calories wind up being burned.

5. Eat Breakfast

eat breakfast to boost metabolism

Our bodies contain a hormone called cortisol, which helps you build up muscle by burning off calories. This process is the highest in the morning – that’s why it’s so important to eat breakfast! That doesn’t mean to pig out at breakfast though – eat responsibly!

6. Three Meals A Day

3 meals a day helps boost metabolism

The key to successful weight loss and health in general is to make sure you eat three square meals a day! Skipping a meal only makes things worse – instead of burning off calories, your body goes into a sort of panic and goes into starvation mode, causing itself to conserve your energy and keep everything in.

7. Get A Cold One

drinking water boosts metabolism

Most people loathe the idea of drinking water, but it could actually do you a lot of good! Just a little of a pint’s worth of water can have your body’s metabolism up and running for about an hour. Why is this? Because cold water stimulates your sympathetic nervous system, which excites the metabolism.

8. Take A Hike

hiking boosts metabolism

Having a nice, energetic stroll is another way to get your metabolism going! The walk will get your energy up, and after you are done, your body will still be consuming more oxygen – a huge factor of an active metabolism.

9. Spice Things Up

eating spicy foods increases metabolism

Peppers contain Capsaicin, which stimulates your stress response and winds up raising your metabolism. Studies have also shown that this chemical stops the further creation of fat cells.

10. Add Some Dairy

eating dairy products helps in increasing metabolism rate

Milk, yogurt, cheese – all of these things contain calcium, which helps to minimize the body absorb fat and break down blood cells.


This article was originally published on Jun 7th 2015 & was updated on July 26th 2016.

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