15 Simple Ways To Burn More Calorie This Summer

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15 Simple Ways To Burn More Calorie This Summer

Jul 9, 2015 //

It's common knowledge that caloric intake is important for any sort of diet you may embark on. We also all know that the key to weight loss is to burn more calories than you consume. But what's not so certain is what activities burn the most calories – by doing basically anything! But what activities can burn the most calories? There are actually a number of simple, yet very effective methods in which to really rev up your metabolism and burn off those calories!

Axe The Anxiety

Stress is one thing that is good for nobody, no matter how you slice it! According to Women's Health, women who are less stressed tend to burn off at least 100 more calories than women who are more stressed. Plus, stress it bad for your health as a whole – doing calorie-burning exercise can help you kill two birds with one stone! 

Get Moving

Speaking of exercise, that is another great means of burning those calories off! Even doing a nice, brisk workout will have you burning calories for up to an hour after, so why not go for at least 30 minutes a day?

Convene The Caffiene

According to WebMD, caffiene, like most stimulants, always help burn calories and may even possibly make alterations to your metabolism that also impact the number of calories burned. The two best caffienated drinks? Coffee and black or green tea!


Here's another excuse to drink your eight cups of water each day! Getting those glasses in could help you burn off an additional 100 calories, also according to WebMD. And this is also one of those habits that can do multiple jobs at once – not only will you be cutting calories, but you'll also be combatting hunger, aiding your digestive system, and clearifying your skin, just to name a few!

Fancy Footwork

Grab some friends and do a line dance! Or maybe grab a partner and learn the waltz. Either way, at least 30 minutes of dance can slice off a cool 200 calories, at least – yes, at least! So turn on the music and get going!

Chew Some Gum

Here's a simple and pretty cheap way to cut down on your calorie count! Gum chewing can easily cut down around 11 calories by the hour. So you might want to make a quick run to the store and grab a few packs to get started!

Take The Stairs

Instead of always taking the elevator, try getting active and taking the stairs! As stated by redbook, taking the scenic route can help you burn from seven to ten calories each minute! Try it sometime!

Laugh It Up

What a better way to burn calories than to do something that's both fun and free! Whether it be by watching a funny movie, listening to you friend tell jokes, or hear your crazy uncle's overly-exaggerated stories, just a short 15 minutes of giggles will have you killing anywhere from 10 to 40 calories!

Prepare Your Own Meals

Instead of going out to eat or ordering in, why not prepare a nice, home-cooked meal? Think about it: you'll be on your feet for at least thirty minutes, walking around, carrying pots and pans, lifting and putting things in the oven. You'll already have burned a decent amount of calories before you even sit down to eat!

Spice It Up

Some studies have hinted at the fact that spicy foods can increase the metabolism, helping you burn calories! So don't shy away from the spicy peppers and embrace the heat!

Dive In

In the hot summer months, what's better than taking a nice, long swim in the pool? Swimming for an hour can cut out from 500-750 calories, depending upon your weight. So break out that swimsuit and get in that pool!

Take A Hike

No, seriously…take a hike! The amount of calories you burn depends on your walking pace and weight, but on average a person can burn between 80 and 150 calories per mile completed.

Pucker Up

That's right, folks! Kissing does burn calories! You can easily burn off a calorie per minute of kissing. Don't believe me? Go ahead and test it for yourself!

Laundry Duty

Eventually there's going to come a point in time when you've run out of clothes – dreaded wash day! Well maybe this idea will make it a bit easier for you to handle: folding clothes for about 30 minutes has the ability to burn off about 70 calories. Just imagine how many calories you could burn if you did everyone's laundry! Too much? I understand…

Sweet Dreams

Even when you're asleep you can still burn calories! Getting in a good eight hours of shut-eye burns off a cool 360 calories. You better get to counting those sheep!

Jessica Starks

Jessica Starks is a freelance writer and blogger. She is passionate about writing and sharing new, helpful information with her audience. Jessica also hopes to inspire others to strive to live healthier and happier lifestyles.

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