20 Ways To Lose Ten Pounds

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20 Ways To Lose Ten Pounds

Jul 29, 2015 //

What’s harder than losing weight? All the diets, restrictions, less-than-tasty foods, and sweat – it can overwhelm a person! A method that may have worked for your friend may not even work for you! What gives?! Well don’t beat yourself up; it happens to the best of us! It’s all a matter of figuring out what best works for your individual needs. Below are 20 simples things that you can try to help you lose 10 pounds!

1. Skip The Meat

According to Prevention, people who maintain a vegetarian diet tend to have a lower body weight than those who eat meat. Not saying that you have to be anti-meat forever; just focus on not partaking in as much steak and chicken as you typically do. You will be sure to lose some weight as a result!

2. Vegan, Anyone?

Maybe becoming a bonafide vegetarian isn’t really your style – how about going vegan and bypassing dairy! And again, you don’t have to worry about changing your lifestyle forever, being part-time vegan is alright!

3. Sleep In

Sleeping isn’t just good for the eyes! People who get their proper amount of shut-eye tend to eat less than those who don’t, meaning that they don’t take in as many calories, making it easier for them to lose weight!

4. Hydrate

Studies have proven that those of us who drink water have a better chance of losing weight than those who don’t drink as much. There are a number of apps and online calculators that will help you figure out the best amount of water for you to drink based upon your weight and stick to your goals. You can even spice up your water drinking with fruits and spices!

5. Axe Alcohol

Alcohol is full of calories with no substance, meaning that since they aren’t a solid food, you’re more likely to be hungry after and eat a fuller meal. This equals even more calories and weight gain. Not taking your typical weekly bar run can reduce those calories and help you finally combat the weight.

6. Get Fidgety

Based on studies, people who actively fidget tend to burn more calories than those who sit still. Shaking knees, tapping your fingers, or tapping your foot could easily be the one thing between you and weight loss!

7. Stay In

Restaurant-prepared meals typically contain more calories than meals prepared at home. So stay in and make a nice meal for yourself! The meal will contain less calories and you’ll burn off a few standing up and walking around, preparing the meal!

8. Call A Friend

Another great way to motivate your weight loss is to have an accountability partner! If you have someone depending on you to live up to your word, you’re more likely to follow through. And who knows, you may even exceed your own expectations!

9. Snub Sodas

Maybe you don’t really drink, but you like to have a cold pop every once in while. Eliminating these sugary drinks will also help you to lose pounds. Sodas can easily contain over 200 calories. Just imagine what you could do with all those extra calories!

10. Stand Up

Pretty much everywhere we go we are sitting down: in the car, at the office, at restaurants – everywhere! Standing up is actually better for you, burning off at least 30 percent more calories than sitting!

11. Soup For Summer

Soup has a high water content but is low in calories. Nonetheless, a bowl of soup is very filling! So some nights, instead of eating a full-course meal, opt for a nice bowl of non-creamy soup!

12. Three A Day

Never, EVER skip a meal! Skipping meals does nothing for you but tempts you even more to snack on the wrong foods! Skipping a meal makes you more likely to overeat and consume more calories than you would if you just would have eaten at your regular time in the first place! So always make breakfast, lunch, and dinner a priority!

13. Try Matcha

Matcha is a Japanese green tea that is said to help stop the growth of fat cells and contain a number of other healthy nutrients. So instead of reaching for soda or juice, replace your drinks with this new beverage!

14. Face Reality

Don’t make a goal to lose 100 pounds in a month – what kind of sense does that make? Creating realistic goals for yourself is key to successful weight loss. So instead, maybe tell yourself to lose five pounds in a month. That goal is easier to reach and exceed.

15. Use Technology

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of your phone, computer, or gaming system to help in your weight loss journey! Apps can help you keep track of food intake and calories, computers give access to workout videos and information about new exercises to try, and gaming systems provide access to ways to have live trainers at your fingertips.

16. Desert Dessert

Dessert is great every once in a while, but it’s not wise to eat dessert every night if you want to lose weight. Various desserts like cakes, cookies, and pies are full of sugars and fats that can stifle your progress. If you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, try eating yogurt, fruit, or look up a healthier version of your favorite dessert to cut the calories and sugar.

17. Plan Your Meals

When you take the time to sit down and figure out what your meals are ahead of time, you will be more able to look over ingredients and consider what you could substitute and take out to make it healthier. This could also help you figure out what meals you don’t need to make as often anymore.

18. Portion Your Portions

Another great way to help you lose weight is by taking your normal portions and splitting them in half. Save the rest for another time and just watch how full you’ll feel after eating that one-half portion!

19. Go Nuts

Studies show that people who snack on nuts are more likely to lose weight than those who eat other snacks or try to skip meals. Nuts not only are great for your diet, but they also contain a number of other health benefits as well.

20. Pay In Cash

People who pay with credit or debit cards feel more comfortable buying under impulse than with cash. Cash will cause you to consider how much money you have and skip out on buying that candy bar.

Jessica Starks

Jessica Starks is a freelance writer and blogger. She is passionate about writing and sharing new, helpful information with her audience. Jessica also hopes to inspire others to strive to live healthier and happier lifestyles.

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