5 Ways to Keep Your Knees Pain-Free

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5 Ways to Keep Your Knees Pain-Free

Mar 10, 2015 //

There’s a saying that makes the rounds; ‘you’re as old as
your knees.’
It just so turns out knees are the joints most
frequently injured within the body
; this comes as no surprise when
considering just how much activity we put our knees through on a daily basis.
Just as you can oil that squeaky bathroom door quiet, you can treat and your
knees to avoid future pains. The key to avoiding the development of future knee
pain is to both strengthen and stretch those knees on a regular basis. By doing
that, you’ll lay down a firm foundation that will stand stable against the
daily pressures you inevitably assert upon your knees.

1. Work to Maintain a Healthy Weight

More weight puts more stress on your knees. In fact, the
team at Johns Hopkins Medicine states, ‘being
only 10 pounds overweight increases the force on the knee by 30 to 60 pounds
with each step.’
Furthermore, the significant increases in pressure put
upon knees via weight gain arguably play a direct hand in the breakdown of
cartilage surrounding those knee joints, and the development of osteoarthritis

Also, according to the Johns Hopkins Medicine team: ‘overweight
women have nearly four times the risk of knee OA; for overweight men the risk
is five times greater.’
So work to maintain a healthy body weight, and by
default avoid knee pain.

2. Balance High-impact, and Low-impact Exercises

As you age, your knees won’t cope as well with the relentless
impact a game of basketball, a stairs workout, or a hill run as they used to.
Soreness will most often prevail, unless you’re incorporating low-impact
exercises into your routine. Seek out the rowing machine, or elliptical – both exert
extremely low impact (if any at all) on the joints, and yet make for strenuous

3. Bodyweight Train with the Wall Slide

We strongly recommend you sufficiently warm up before easing
yourself into this workout. As you strengthen your thigh muscles with the wall
, you’ll provide your joints the proper backing and stability needed to
ward off weakness-induced injuries.

4. Stretch, Stretch, Stretch!  

Before beginning any physical exercise, give your knees a
chance, and stretch the tendons that surround them. By properly stretching
those tendons with a stretch such as the knee flexion, you’ll
keep joint pain at bay with flexibility as your tool to do so.

5. Don’t go from 0 to 100 mph.

The key with building up strength in all parts of your body
is to literally, build up that strength. Don’t expect your body, your legs,
your arms, and all their muscles to keep up with a workout better suited for a
three-months-in version of yourself. If you hit the weights or pound the
treadmill with ferocity best reserved for the final sprint through the finish
line, you may not ever reach a real finish line!

Matt Staff

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