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8 Natural Ways to Get Bigger Muscles

Jun 16, 2015 //

The internet’s a universe of equal parts helpful and unfounded information. If you've tried to gain muscle for months if not years to no avail and believe that you’ve tried everything, understand that's not true! Instead read up on the following 8 proven effective and natural ways to up your muscle gains, then try them out, and see if you’re as doomed as you might’ve thought. We think you're not!

1. Cap Your Workout at an Hour

Establish and maintain a high intensity level for your workouts. Many of us at one point or another have fallen prey to aimlessly wandering around the gym to watch whatever’s on TV and occasionally get a few solid reps in. Your time’s valuable—treat it that way! Remember: The longer you work out the more likely you are to burn extra calories, and as effect lose weight when you're interest is to gain.

2. Put the Feedbag on

If you’ve truly battled a leaner frame since you can remember, it’s likely that you’ve been born/blessed/cursed with a genetic predisposition for a faster metabolism. Thus you’ll have to overcompensate and commit to making a conscious effort to eat as often as possible. Maybe aim for an eating regimen that lies somewhere in the 4 to 5 meals a day range, and eat a meal every few hours.

3. Don’t Bank on Supplements

It’s a crying shame that so many gym-goers out there have played victim to big bottles and/or bags of super powered supplements that promise improvements. Plus it’s hard to know what exactly goes into the various powders/pills, and you can end up in a situation where you’re putting more bad than good into your body—sometimes without any noted after-effects.

4. Take Time to Evaluate Your Caloric Surplus

At the beginning you’ll feel as if you might be eating too much, but in truth, you’re going to have to force the process and remold what’s your usual eating comfort zone. Whatever you were doing before wasn’t enough for marked gains.

5. Add Weight Throughout Your Workout

The easiest way to end up working out longer than an hour comes on those days you continue to add more and more volume to an original station. Instead enter your future workouts with a well-adapted plan, that might involve 2 to 3 circuits, in which you add 5 to 10 pounds to each station as you progress through your circuits.

6. Mix up Your Reps Range Every Few Weeks

Unless you’ve experienced remarkable gains in the last couple months, we recommend you re-work your workout regimen to include different amounts of repetitions. After all, too much of the same thing puts you at great risk for plateauing, which can easily negate any gains you might’ve enjoyed.

7. Treat Yourself at the Buffet

We’ll have you immediately note that we advocate this strategy for those gym-goers that fall on the extreme skinny end of the spectrum. If that’s you then great; try to get to a buffet once a week, and preferably on those days you hit the gym hardest so that you can pack on some extra calories.

8. Think About Trying a Mass Gainer

If you’re weighed down by a busy schedule, with little to no time for preparing massive post workout feasts, we recommend you consider trying out a mass gainer. Simply put, a mass gainer’s a type of protein shake that’s packed chock-full of calories.

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