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Be Healthy on the Go!

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Be Healthy on the Go!

Travelling has some perks but sometimes, do you feel that your exercise routine gets put on the back burner when you are away?

Here are some simple exercises that you can do on the go!

Pack Accordingly

The first key to exercising while you are away is to plan for it. Take the number of exercise outfits required in order to be able to exercise at least three times per week while you are away. If you are gone for a longer time period, or if you get used to the routine below and want to do it every day, plan for a time when you can go to a nearby Laundromat or use the laundry service at the hotel. Do not let the “I forgot my workout outfit or my runners” excuse be in the way of you staying fit while you are gone. Remember that when you are gone, most likely, you are eating out and not as healthy food as you would like. So you must counteract the effect of the extra calories as much as you can with exercise.

Plan When

Know when you will exercise. If you have a day of meeting that ends at 4pm and you have a few hours before dinner, instead of jumping into the “let’s go have a drink while we wait for dinner” trap, go to your room, quickly change into your gear and have quick workout before joining everyone else. By the way, once you get to the bar 30-45 minutes later, they will all secretly be envious of you having had a workout and feeling awesome while they were gaining extra calories in drinks and appies and besides, you will still have time to catch up with everyone before dinner.

If your days are completely packed, plan to get up a half hour earlier and exercise first thing in the morning. The routine below is quite quick and simple. If you have more time, you can do it twice of three times, but it is still effective and can be done in 10 minutes and gives you a good sweat.

Get a Buddy

If you are travelling with co-workers, get someone on board. Find someone in your organization that would join you for one of the workout. You can either go for a run or hit the gym together, which would at least confirm one of your workouts so you can be accountable for at least one of them.

You can even suggest to the organizer of the meetings to include exercise in the calendar of events so that everyone gets up one morning and goes for a walk or get a yoga instructor to come in to teach the group.

If you are travelling alone, see if you can join a running club nearby, check out the class’s schedules at the gym nearby or even the classes at the hotel you are staying at. More and more hotels have increased options for exercise and wellness.

10 Minutes Routine

You can do this routine once, twice or three times in a row depending on how much time you have:


Start with a plank for one minute, either on your knees or on your toes, on your elbow or hands. Hold and contract your core muscles, include your quadriceps, gluteus and push into your heels, then rock forward towards the tip of your toes to engage as many muscles as possible. Then turn sideways and hold another minute on one arm (or hand), keeping your hips high, alternating each side by going through a push up position in between each side. Alternate side-to-side for a minute or about 10 times on each side, holding for a second at the top of each side. Remember this is your warm up so you want to generate heath for as many muscles as possible.

Jump Squat

From a hip-distance-apart position, bend into a squat and jump up. Land softly as you bend your knees to absorb the jump into another squat. Repeat 20 to 30 times.

Mountain Climbers

On your hands and toes starting in a plank position, bring your knees toward your chest and quickly alternate each knee in a running motion, keeping your bum low and your core contracted. Repeat 40 to 50 times.

Plyometric Lunges

From hip-distance-apart, step forward into a lunge position then alternate quickly on the other side (either by stepping back or jumping into the other side). Repeat 30 to 40 times.


From your knees or toes, alternate chest and triceps push-ups going from a narrow stance with hands wide so that the elbow are ninety degrees once bent and then bringing the hands in line with your shoulders so your elbows touch the rib cage as you go down. You can alternate by walking your hands in and out, performing a push up each time in between or by jumping your hands wide and narrow which will involve more cardio and allow you a faster burn if you are in a rush.

Stair Run

My absolute favorite, when I am in a rush, is to get into my runners, as I am still half awake, and walk all the way down the stair case and run back up all the way to the highest floor of the hotel. I sometimes do it 3 or 4 times, depending on the number of stories and the amount of time I have. If I only have 10 minutes, I can usually do it twice and feel amazing before getting in the shower in the morning and go on with my busy day. Always remember to bring your key with you as some hotel have security key to access the floors.

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