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Can you Treat Appendicitis with Natural Medicine?

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Can you Treat Appendicitis with Natural Medicine?

Appendicitis is a painful condition caused by an inflamed appendix. The most popular form of treatment is surgery, in which the appendix is removed from the body. However, if the symptoms of appendicitis are caught early on, these effective ‘how to treat appendicitis with natural medicine’ techniques can be applied with successful results!

Appendicitis and Natural Medicine

Even though appendicitis is almost always treated with surgery, this treatment method is not the only option available to appendicitis sufferers. If appendicitis is diagnosed in its early stages it can successfully be cured without requiring any form of surgery. Of course, if the condition is caught in its later stages or right after a rupture occurs, then emergency medical attention and immediate surgery are the only ways to treat this condition. If the inflamed appendix is left untreated and ruptures, there is a high risk of infection and possibly even death. Let’s take a look at how to treat appendicitis with natural medicine.

Appendicitis Treatment # 1

Green gram is known to be an especially effective treatment for an inflamed appendix. Have one tablespoon of green gram thrice a day until the condition of the appendix improves.

Appendicitis Treatment # 2

Treat mild appendicitis pain by preparing a simple, but highly effective fresh vegetable juice: mix 100 ml of beet juice, 100 ml of cucumber juice and 300 ml of carrot juice.

Appendicitis Treatment # 3

When the first signs and symptoms of appendicitis are diagnosed, it is advised to begin fasting in order to flush out the toxins from the body and to reduce the workload off the appendix. The appendix has a role to play in cleaning out the toxins in the bowels, so eliminating its workload will speed up the recovery process. Have sips of water after every half an hour or so.

Appendicitis Treatment # 4

Soak a towel with hot water and use it as a compress on the painful area to reduce inflammation and cramping. After removing the hot compress, gently massage the area with almond oil to relieve the pain and soothe the body.

Appendicitis Treatment # 5

Stick to drinking vegetable and fruit juices. Avoid solid foods until you are certain that your symptoms have subsided and your appendix has recovered from the inflammation. Do not start consuming solid foods all at once; start by incorporating light soups and yoghurt into your diet. Avoid processed foods, meat and grains for at least two weeks.

Appendicitis Treatment # 6

Take bed rest when your appendicitis signs and symptoms appear. Try not to move around too much and limit your out of bed excursions to using the bathroom. You can rest in any position that you feel comfortable in.

Appendicitis Treatment # 7

You can also consult a naturopath when the first symptoms of appendicitis appear. The naturopath will be able to guide you through the natural treatment, and might also suggest certain homeopathic and herbal treatments according to your condition.

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