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1-Week Arm Workout To Get Killer Biceps

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1-Week Arm Workout To Get Killer Biceps

So, you want to get big and get big fast huh? You want the best arm workout to get big in a short amount of time? Look no further; this 1-week arm workout is just what you need. While it is difficult to put on serious amounts of muscle in a short time, it’s still possible. Let’s talk about some killer bicep exercises you can do, and also some lifestyle choices you’ll need to adopt in order to get big fast.

Giving Your Body what it Needs

Developing muscle quickly isn’t always easy. There’s a lot that goes into building muscle, so you want to make sure that you give your body everything it needs. During your 1-week arm workout, make sure that you eat well and eat enough. Your body needs proper nutrition in order to make muscle, so make sure you get enough protein and other nutrients.

Also, when you work out hard, your body needs time to repair itself afterwards. This means you need to get enough sleep, and that you have to give yourself enough time to recover from your exercise sessions.

Also, when you exercise, push yourself to your limits. The bigger the changes you desire, the bigger the effort that’s required.

Finally, exercise safely. A killer bicep workout shouldn’t injure you; there’s a fine line between muscle strains and muscle soreness-don’t cross this line. If you overtrain or hurt yourself, you won’t do anything for your goals to get big in the long run. Know your limits weight-wise, and make sure you use proper form.

Building a Killer Bicep Workout

If you want to build big arms, you need more than just killer bicep exercises. You need to do the right exercises, and you need to do them right.

First, start out your exercise with some intense, multi-joint exercises like squats. This might not make sense at first. After all, you want an arm workout to get big, not a leg workout. However, working the large muscles of your body, including your legs, helps you to build overall body strength and to increase your testosterone levels. This will, in turn, make it much easier to build muscle in your arms than if you just focused on working the relatively small muscles of your biceps.

Next, move to multi-muscle exercise that target the biceps. Rows of all kinds can be killer bicep exercises, as can pull ups (either weighted or not) and lat pull downs. Use high weights to really challenge yourself.

Finally, move to exercises that focus your efforts on the biceps. This means curls. There are a lot of different ways to perform curls, including barbell and dumbbell curls, incline curls and preacher curls. These are all great ways to isolate your biceps.

By moving from more general to more specific, you give yourself a chance to work a large number of muscle groups and get the testosterone boost that you want. Then, after you’ve done this, you can use isolation exercises to really squeeze the last bit of effort from your biceps.

Performing Your Arm Workout

Start your workout with a light warm up to get the blood flowing. Then, with each of the exercises that you select, perform 3 sets. Select a high enough weight that you can only complete 5 to 8 repetitions. By the time you finish your killer bicep workout, your energy reserves should feel depleted. If you want to completely wear out your biceps, consider ending your workout with reverse pyramid sets of curls, in which you lower the weight and increase the number of reps with successive sets. By the end, you might have a hard time lifting your arms to turn on the shower after your workout!

Give yourself at least one day of rest between arm workout days. If you want, you can do other exercise on your rest days, but let your biceps rest.


There are two ways to make your arms look big and muscular. One is to increase the size of your muscles, and the other is actually to lose weight. When you lose fat, your arms look more defined, which can ironically sometimes make them appear bigger.

If you want to cut, focusing on your nutrition is just as important as when you’re trying to bulk up, however your goal is different. You’ll want to eat very clean and try to limit your caloric intake. Drink a lot of water and cut down on carbs, while increasing your intake of produce and protein. You may also want to increase your amount of cardio, either steady state or high intensity interval, to help you burn more calories.

When you’re cutting, the focus is more on losing fat than it is on building muscle, but that doesn’t mean that weight lifting becomes unimportant. Because strength training can help to increase testosterone levels and improve your metabolism, workouts like the one described can still help you with your cutting goals.



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