15 Minute No Equipment Beginner Workout


15 Minute No Equipment Beginner Workout

Jul 11, 2015 //

So, you are ready to get the body of dreams, get fit and toned! Good for you! Making the decision to eat healthy and partake in a regular exercise program is a good step in the right direction. Taking care of your body, inside and out, will boost your mood, brighten your outlook, and lift you to new heights of physical and mental fitness. You will be amazed at how just 15 minutes every day can whittle away inches and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You don’t need expensive gym equipment to get fit. Workout in the privacy of your own home and get fast results. Find a comfortable location where you can move easily and exercise without distractions. Whether you are pressed for time and or have no workout equipment, these 15 minute exercises will keep you energized and feeling great all day! Here we go!

1 Minute – Warm Up

Warm up muscle groups. Take one minute to stretch arms/legs, gently twist from left to right, and slowly perform a combination of neck and arm rolls.

2 Minutes – Jumping Jacks

Begin to get your heart rate up with jumping jacks. Take your time and develop speed at your own pace. As you jump up and down, focus on breathing, technique and posture. Feel your muscle groups reacting to the exercise. See how many jumping jacks you can do in one minute. As you progress, challenge yourself to do more, but don’t ever over exert or exercise beyond your capacity. The more you exercise the easier it will be to move and exert yourself.

2 Minutes – Run In Place

Run in place for two minutes. Burn calories and rev muscle groups. You decide how fast (or slow) you want to run; start slow and work your way up to a faster pace. Raise knees as high as you can for added burn. Swing your arms to work upper body muscles.

2 Minutes – Lunges

Always a favorite, lunges help to build balance and stability. Lunges strengthen thighs, calves and ankles. Stayed focused on correct posture, keeping back straight during each lunge forward. Do not twist or strain your lower back; do this exercise in a natural flowing motion. Complete as many lunges as you can in two minutes.

2 Minutes – Straight Arm Plank

Tone your lower back, hips and abs with a two minute straight-arm plank. Begin on the floor, on all fours. Place knees under hips and keep arms straight. Extend your right leg behind you; once balanced, extend your right leg behind you. Now you are in plank position. Hold position for one minute. Rest by bending your left knee to the floor for three seconds. Return to plank position and hold for one minute. 

2 Minutes – Sit Ups

Get killer abs with sit ups. Basic sit ups should not be intimidating, but should be one of your favorite exercises (if only because they make you look awesome). Strive to complete two minutes of sit ups. If that is too difficult, do as many as you can and work your way up. The slower you do a sit up, the better. Do not strain or overexert; keep it simple.

2 Minutes – Back Kicks

An easy exercise that works your bum, lower back, inner and outer thighs. Stand straight and slowly extend your right leg backwards. Repeat for one minute. Switch legs. If you feel the burn, you are doing the exercise correctly. The slower you move, the greater the burn. Do these every day and you will see results in no time.

2 Minutes – Cool Down

Breathe and relax. After a no equipment workout, cool down and feel your body recover. Gently bend at the waist, from side to side, stretching without exerting. Return to upright position and lift arms to the sky – stretch, stretch, stretch! With arms at your side, gently perform neck rolls, slowly turning your head to the left and then to the right. Relax and enjoy your day!

Feel good about your workout and enjoy the 15 minutes every day to connect to your physical self. Do each exercise intentionally – on purpose. Before you begin any new exercise program, check with your healthcare professional for approval. Do not strain during exercise, and if you experience any pain, stop immediately. If you are an exercise newbie, take it slow and be patient. Melting away inches and pounds is easier than you think! Pair your workout with a healthy diet to see fabulous results! Go!




Gina McKnight

Gina is an author, freelance writer, and equestrian from Ohio USA. Living with her family near Wayne National Forest, she is a fitness enthusiast with a passion for a healthy, organic lifestyle! She is a graduate of Franklin University, Columbus, Ohio; summa cum laude. Gina encourages her readers to eat healthy and to find a sport or hobby that keeps them moving!

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