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25-Day Beach Body Challenge

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If you’re looking for a fast workout challenge that will get you beach ready, you’ve come to the right place.

This 25-day beach body challenge will kick your butt, but if you stick with it, you’ll be ready to flaunt your your fabulous figure in no time.

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Remember that you can always repeat a day’s exercise multiple times, but it will get tougher and tougher the further you get into the challenge. Always stay hydrated and stretch before you begin each workout.

25 Day Beach Body Challenge


Day 1

Start the challenge by hitting the ground running. Each day is fairly simple, but it’s not going to be easy. Day one includes crunches and planks. If you can’t do the whole amount, take a break and split it up into smaller sets.

50 crunches

2X 60-second plank

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Day 2

Day two! If you’ve made it this far, you’re already well on your way to that beach body. Keep up the hard work, and remember to take a break if you need it.

100 bicycle crunches

2X 30-second plank

Day 3

If you were hoping this challenge wouldn’t include burpees, you’re out of luck. Knock ‘em out and keep going.

50 burpees

50 kickdown crunches

Day 4

Can you do 200 crunches? Make sure you maintain good form, and avoid putting pressure on your head or neck.

200 crunches

100 skater slides

Day 5

Get those knees up! You made it to day five, which is more than most people will manage. Congrats!

100 high knees

75 russian twists

Day 6

Today is a day to get in touch with your inner super hero. Do some squats to tone your thighs and tighten up your core.

50 supermans

50 squats

Day 7

Yes, we’re doing jumping jacks. Because jumping jacks are awesome.

3X 60-second plank

200 jumping jacks

Day 8

Today is all about legs. Feeling worn out yet? You only have 17 days to go!

50 donkey kicks

100 bicycle crunches

Day 9

More squats. Take it slow, this isn’t a race. Just get them done.

25 squats

100 skater slides

Day 10

You made it all the way to day 10, which is impressive on its own. Don’t give up now, you’re almost halfway.

50 squat jumps

200 crunches

Day 11

Push ups should be part of any weight training routine, so they are right at home in this challenge. If you can’t do 25 push ups, that’s okay. But seriously. Do more push ups.

25 push-ups

75 tricep dips

Day 12

If you’re sick and tired of all these exercises, take out your anger with some punches. 200 of them. Get to it.

200 punches

200 butt kicks

Day 13

More core and leg workouts today. Embrace the burn.

50 plank walks

50 lunges

Day 14

What are wood chops, you ask? How do you think lumberjacks stay so sexy? But seriously, check out the link below to make sure you have proper form.

50 wood chops

50 squat jumps

Day 15

More planks. A lot more planks. Keep that core tight. It will be worth it.

4X 60-second planks

100 russian twists

Day 16

Lots of leg exercises today. You’re so close. Don’t give up yet.

50 lunges

50 donkey kicks

Day 17

Push ups must seem like a break after all those lunges.

35 push-ups

100 mountain climbers

Day 18

Tricep dips are awesome, and 100 is a lot of tricep dips. If you can’t do it, don’t despair. Break it down into smaller sets, and make sure to stop if your form is suffering.

100 tricep dips

50 squat jumps

Day 19

Still feeling heroic? More supermans today. You can do it!

200 high knees

100 supermans

Day 20

Yup, today we’re doing the dreaded burpees again. You should have no problem knocking them out.

75 burpees

4X 60-second planks

Day 21

Take out that anger! Punch! Ride! Only four days left!

200 bicycle crunches

200 punches

Day 22

Fewer burpees today. Easy peasey.

35 burpees

200 standing side crunches

Day 23

Again with the legs. Always the legs. You are gonna have some sexy legs.

50 lunges

100 skater slides

Day 24

It’s the second-to-last day. Let’s call today Lumberjack Day. Because that’s how sexy you’re gonna be. Lumberjack sexy.

50 wood chops

200 mountain climbers

Day 25

You made it! Do those supermans to go out with a bang. 25 days, and you stayed strong the whole time. Go hit the beach and show off. You deserve it.

100 supermans

200 plank jacks




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