24 Killer Fitness Tube Exercises To Build Strength

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24 Killer Fitness Tube Exercises To Build Strength

Jul 11, 2015 //

If you want to build strength and ton all over, resistance bands or fitness tubes can take your workouts to the next level. They are a great alternative to dumbbells, barbells, because they’re portable, cheap and easy to take on the go or for working out at home.

While there is a difference between resistance tubes with resistance bands — tubes are round and have handles at either end, while bands are flat sheets of rubber — these exercises will work for either one. For those of us that like an easier workout, the tubing is easier to maneuver because of the handles.

Try these 25 killer tube exercises to burn calories and increase muscle.

1. Calf Press

A great exercise to tone and define calf muscles, this exercise requires balance and stamina. The calf press is a great exercise to use with resistance tubes. You will feel the burn.

2. Chest Fly

Lifts and firms the breast (if you need a lift) while enhancing posture and upper back muscles. Working the chest fly with tubes creates constant tension for a hearty workout.

3. Back Extension

The tube resistance gives this back extension exercise the ability to work muscle groups that are sometimes forgotten. The back extension is a great workout for your lower back.

4. Inversion

Inversion exercises are known for working ankle tendons and muscles, keeping them flexible. Do the inversion with resistance tubes to strengthen ankle muscles, which can prevent sprains.

5. Deltoid Fly

Work shoulder and upper back muscles quickly and effectively using a resistance tube. The deltoid fly will improve posture and create a firmer chest for a youthful appearance.

6. Chest Press

Another great way to enhance and firm your breast/chest. Using resistance tubes with a chest press will give the same results as using dumbbells. Sweat and feel the burn.

7. Bicep Curl

Burn away flabby arms and build muscle. Bicep curls strengthen forearms, shoulders, upper back muscles as well as upper arms. Keep back straight and burn, burn, burn.

8. Forearm Curl

Challenge your arms with resistance tube forearm curls. This exercise works the entire forearm, creating a killer burn that will hone and firm.

9. Booty Kick

For a firm butt, thighs and legs, the booty kick delivers. Tuck tummy in for added abdominal strengthening. Increase tube resistance for greater intensity.

10. Eversion

Another exercise that works the lower legs and ankles, building muscle groups to help prevent sprains and injury. Use a resistance tube for an eversion that will strengthen ankle movement.

11. Decline Chest Press

This exercise burns and builds muscles in the middle, upper and lower chest. You can increase or decrease intensity of the decline chest press with tube resistance.

12. Glute Press

For a taut derriere that will grab the attention of just above anyone, use resistance tubes to press your glutes. A glute press will hone and tighten glutes for a toned, beach body.

13. Hip Adduction

Keeping hips healthy and strong is a plus as we age to avoid injury and strain. Hip adduction brings thighs to the midpoint of the body, strengthening groin muscles, creating stability.

14. Lat Pull-Down

Lat pull-down Strengthens the mid and lower back. The resistance tubes allow for greater (or less) tension, developing powerful muscle groups that keep you in balance.

15. Shoulder Press

Strengthen shoulders and triceps using resistance tubes. You will feel the burn after you do several repetitions of the shoulder press. It’s a great way to work the upper body out of the gym.

16. Shoulder Shrugs

Build flexibility in your shoulders and upper back. Shoulder shrugs work arms, neck and upper body.  Focus while completing intentional movements that burn fat and chisel muscle.

17. Torso Twist

Blast belly bulge and unsightly fat from your midsection with a torso twist. Using a resistance band heightens the burn and makes you feel slim and youthful.

18. Split Lunge Row

Works the back, shoulders and arms, the split lunge row will help you get fit and fabulous. Look great in sleeveless tops. Define your arms, enhance posture and feel great.

19. Squats

An all-over body workout, squats are better with resistance tubes because you can control the amount of pressure and intensity. Legs, arms, back, and almost all muscle groups are worked.

20. Rear Deltoid Fly

Posterior deltoids get a workout with the rear deltoid fly. Intensify the burn using different resistance tubes to create a burning workout.

21. Concentration Bicep Curl

Bicep curls are fun to do. Concentration bicep curls require stamina. Everyone wants toned and taut arms. Using resistance tubes when completing reps will certainly prove results.

22. Upright Row

A quick way to build strength and stamina, upright rows are easy to do and can be modified to your fitness level, increasing or decreasing resistance.

23. Tricep Kickback

Work arms and back muscles for a complete burning workout. Increase tube resistance for a deeper burn and more muscle mass. Use correct form to avoid injury and strain.

24. Seated Row

Forget the rowing machine. Seated rows can be a part of your workout with only a resistance tube and determination. Find a comfortable spot and row yourself into shape.

25. Standing Row

Just like the seated row (except you are standing), the standing row empowers back, shoulder, leg and arm muscles for a complete workout. Increase resistance for a burn that keeps giving.

Final Thoughts

To get the most from your resistance tube workout, begin at your fitness level with lighter resistance, working your way up to stronger resistance. Tubes are usually colour-coded by resistance level. There are three types of resistance tube exercise categories; rehabilitation exercises, upper body and lower body.

As with any exercise program, check with your healthcare professional before you begin. Find a certified fitness instructor to guide you through proper exercise form and technique.

Gina McKnight

Gina is an author, freelance writer, and equestrian from Ohio USA. Living with her family near Wayne National Forest, she is a fitness enthusiast with a passion for a healthy, organic lifestyle! She is a graduate of Franklin University, Columbus, Ohio; summa cum laude. Gina encourages her readers to eat healthy and to find a sport or hobby that keeps them moving!

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