30-Minute Fat Blasting HIIT Workout

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30-Minute Fat Blasting HIIT Workout

Aug 6, 2015 //

Are you looking for quick workout to tone up your entire body? Look no further! You only need 30 minutes to get your heart rate up, work your muscles from head to toe, and bust stress. The trick is to incorporate both bodyweight movements and cardio-based components to work on both strength and endurance in one exercise session. The first five minutes include dynamic stretches to work on your range of motion and get your heart pumping before you jump into the workout. After that, you hit the main part of the workout for 20 minutes and then flow right on into a cooldown and stretch period. You will be in and out of the gym in half an hour with this interval-based routine. Let’s get started!


The warmup is crucial to include because it stretches out your muscles before moving on to more advanced movements. Go through two sets of 10 for each of the dynamic movements listed below.

  1. Body-weight Squats: Remember to sit back so that your knees do not go over your toes. Keep a strong core throughout the movement and use your glutes to stand back up from the sitting position.
  2. Leg Swings: Put your hand on a wall or rack to help with balance and swing your leg back and forth in front of your body to loosen up. Perform this movement with each leg alternately.
  3. Toe Touch: Stand up straight and bring each leg up to touch your toe to your hand. You can also hug your knee to your chest and alternate in the way as well.
  4. Arm Circles: Rotate your arms in a clockwise direction and then a counterclockwise direction to warm up your shoulders. You can make the arm circle movements bigger or smaller depending on your personal flexibility.
  5. Jumping Jacks: Start in a standing position and simultaneously jump your legs out while while bringing your arms up overhead together. Bring back to the starting position and repeat. You should be officially warmed up after completing these heart-pumping jumping jacks.


After warming up, you will be ready to pick up the intensity to make the most of your workout time. This includes full body movements. Set your timer for 20 minutes and complete as many rounds as you can before cooling down. Remember to stop and take breaks whenever you need to in order to avoid injury. It’s better to rest and then get right back into it rather than risk getting hurt. Listen to your body!

  1. 25 Squat Jumps: These will get your heart pumping and burn out your quadriceps femoris muscles. Start in a standing position and sit back into a squat. Use your momentum to pop back up into a standing position. Repeat this jumping motion. You can do simple bodyweight squats if the jumping motion bothers your knees.

Source: Squat Jumps

  1. Push-Up to T-plank Combination: This move stretches out your chest muscles while also activating your shoulders and core. Start in a plank position and complete one push-up. Turn to your left side with your right hand on the ground for stability. Come back to center and complete another push-up before repeating on the right side. You can regress this motion by forgoing the push-up or advance it by adding in two push-ups instead of just one!


  1. 25 Walking Lunges: Step forward with your right leg to form a 90-degree angle. Make sure that your knees don’t go over your toes. Step your legs together and repeat on the left leg. Continue alternating your walking lunges. Add dumbbells to increase the intensity of this workout. This move will tone up your legs and glutes while keeping your heart rate up.

Source: Bodyweight Walking Lunge

  1. 10 Triceps Dips: Time to tone the back of your arms! Find a chair or ledge and place your palms on the surface with your body facing away from it. Stretch your legs out and lower your arms down so that your elbows form a 90-degree bend. Raise back up to the starting position and repeat. Regress this movement by bending your knees and bringing your legs in closer.

Source: Dips – Triceps Version

  1. 25 Jack Knives: No workout is complete without a little bit of abs work! Lie down on the ground and keep your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. Raise your arms overhead and simultaneously bring your arms to your legs in a crunching motion and bring back to the start position. Incorporate this core move to round out the movement sequence before you repeat it again.

Source: How to Do a Jackknife | Ab Workout


It’s time to bring your heart rate down and stretch out those muscles. Walk for two minutes and then follow it up with these static stretches:

  1. Quadriceps Stretch: It’s important to stretch out the quadriceps muscles after all of the leg work. Start in a standing position and feel free to rest a hand on a wall for support. Pull back your right leg with your right arm. Keep your knee in the bent position and hold for 30 seconds or longer.
  2. Hamstrings Stretch: Start in a standing position, bend forward, and let your weight carry your upper body down toward the floor. You should feel a deep stretch on the back of your legs. Hold for 30 seconds or longer.
  3. Chest Pull: This exercise stretches your chest muscles out after all of the push-ups! Find a wall or lift your left arm up and place your hand on the wall surface. Align your body so that your left side is facing the wall with your arm pulled back. This stretch will release any tension you are holding in the chest area. Hold for 30 seconds or longer.
Maggie Young

Maggie is an associate editor for Fitness Republic, American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist, occupational therapy student, and freelance writer for various health and fitness publications. She believes that a healthy diet, daily movement, stress reduction, and quality sleep are the foundation of happiness.

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