5 Battle Rope Exercises to burn Fat


5 Battle Rope Exercises to burn Fat

May 1, 2015 //

As you might have gathered from the name, battle ropes are weighted to increase the difficulty of a rope-based workout. What’s the benefit at making an already tough cardio-intensive workout, well, tougher? Immediately you’re working your arms, core, and shoulders much more than if you used a normal lightweight jump rope. Additionally, high interval training performed with a battle rope can improve your anaerobic and aerobic capacity after a mere four weeks making it a highly accelerated way to get in shape!

If all this isn’t enough, let’s quickly look to a recent set of research backed findings released by a team out of Canada. They determined that three 15-minute battle-rope sessions per week for four weeks can boost your max amount of press ups by as much as 24%, while your sit-ups max can increase by up to 7% at the same time. Plus, it’s somewhat common sense in the health community that just 10 minutes of jumping rope works wonders in the way of burning fat in the shortest amount of time.

Most the time our cardio and muscle building workouts are divided, and in no way accomplishable all at once. The battle rope stands as a worthy candidate to revolutionize and remold this conception, burning fat and increasing muscular strength simultaneously. The time to toss a battle rope in your gym bag, and give the new workout-savvy trend a four-week trial period is now! But before you dive headfirst in, we recommend you consider the following five battle rope exercises. Handpicked by us as the most promising, and feasible of the battle rope exercise lot. If you consider yourself a weary beginner, we encourage you to focus on the double wave for starters, then build off from there!

1. Double Wave

Wave goodbye to unwanted fat with this highly accessible and easier battle rope exercise; we recommend beginners start with the double wave before going about taking on more challenging battle rope exercises.

Link: Heavy Training Rope Exercises – Double Wave Tutorial

2. Alternating Wave

Let’s continue riding that wave, but introduce a little bit of variety a change in the tide, as this particular battle rope exercise calls for you to ferociously raise one end of the rope up above the other, back and forth.

Link: Rope Alternating Wave

3. Low Alternate Arm Ripples

Though the form, the movement of the arms and rapid flick of the wrists is entirely the same, the low alternating wave brings your lower body in on all the fun. According to Men’s Fitness, this exercise is effective at burning fat and targeting your legs because you’ll hold the ‘loading phase squat position throughout.’

4. Shoulder Circles

Let’s give those legs a quick breather and instead target the shoulders with this grip/shoulders muscles strengthener. Additionally, this exercise is highly effective for those members of the swimmers and boxing community eager to increase their endurance in the shoulders.

Link: Get ripped for summer: Battle ropes workout

5. Shoulder Press

Who says that the shoulder press exercise need be limited to dumbbells and barbells as your only means to get the job done? With your battle rope in tow, and properly tightened so as to maximize resistance, you can put those shoulders through the rounds with an effective resistance strengthening workout.


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