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5 Reasons to Yoga for Building Better Bones

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5 Reasons to Yoga for Building Better Bones

Yoga is an ideal exercise to build strong bones and keep you fit. Weight-bearing exercises such as running, jogging, basketball and even dancing will strengthen bones but it can also cause imbalance in the muscular system. If performed appropriately, yoga will balance the muscular system and help build better bones. So practice yoga for better bone health to relieve pain, stress and wear and tear in bones.

Why yoga to build better bones?

How to build strong bones is the concern of majority of the American population. As the body ages, bones begin to wear down. So in order to prevent further damage, practice yoga for healthy bones.

Yoga Promotes Flexibility in Joints

In addition with building strength, yoga also helps with flexibility and mobility for every joint in the body. From neck to hips to knees and ankles, yoga helps remove stiffness in the joints and brings flexibility to the whole body. Unlike other weight-bearing exercises, that wear out the joints and tighten the body, yoga lubricates the joints by giving them an internal massage.

Certain yoga poses release body fluids for healthy joint function. Synovial fluid is found in the joints where more free movement of the bones is allowed such as, hips, elbows and knees. Various yoga poses increase the smooth flow of this fluid to your joints and help you move around smoothly.

Yoga Improves Blood Flow to the Bones

Yoga stretches not only strengthen your joints and muscles but it nourishes your bones as well. Yoga helps increase blood flow and circulates healthy nutrients into your bones.

Standing poses, that strongly involve the bones and the muscles of the legs, affect the spine and the pelvis. Practicing these postures improves the blood circulation in the body and benefit the health of bones by supplying them oxygen and healthy nutrients.

Yoga to Improve Balance

Build strong bones with yoga and bring back the balance in your body. Regular yoga practice helps improve your anatomical alignment. When the body is balanced, your muscles and muscle activities are also balanced. Yoga makes you feel fresh with the restoration of the balance in your body. With improved balance and coordination, yoga helps prevent falling and increase flexibility and agility in your body.

Yoga also has a balancing effect on the endocrine glands which help build better bones. Endocrine glands secrete hormones that are supplied to your body for maintain healthy bones. Yoga Pose such as Legs Up the Wall Pose help reduce stress level in the bones yet slows down excess calcium secretion.

Yoga does not only bring balance to your body but to your mind and spirit as well.

Yoga to Ward off Osteoporosis

Yoga is an effective treatment for osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by thinning and weakening of bones that can lead to fractures. To prevent symptoms of osteoporosis, build better bones with yoga. Since yoga is low-impact and gentle on your body, you can prevent the onset of osteoporosis with yoga.

Lack of stretching and poor postures may result in height loss due to shrinking of spaces between vertebral disks. Start practicing yoga initially with easy poses then move to moderately challenging ones that exert more pressure on the bones. Try Vrksasana Pose and Trikonasana Pose (Triangle pose) to reduce symptoms of osteoporosis.

Yoga for Weak Knees

Are you struggling with knee pain? Yoga is the cure. Yoga is beneficial for knees because it brings the entire body into balance. Sustaining the yoga poses sends blood flow through the muscles and tissues and delivers oxygen and nourishment to the affected areas. Since yoga is learned gradually, the weight applies to the bones increases carefully and safely and allows less stress on individual joints.In addition with knees, yoga also helps strengthen hips, ankles and feet.

Yoga is gradual process where bones are trained to bear weight as you progress to the advanced poses. With the increase in the bends and moves, yoga increases the flexibility and agility in your bones keeping them flexible and healthy.

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