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The Full-Body Medicine Ball Workout You Can Do At Home

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The Full-Body Medicine Ball Workout You Can Do At Home

Half the battle of getting fit is getting yourself motivated to head out to the gym. So, when you have the opportunity to stay at home and work out, take it!

These five medicine ball workout routines allow you to work out at home easily and conveniently. The routines are easy to learn and can be modified as needed to match your level of fitness and your health goals. Best of all, each of these workout routines is composed of exercises that you already know, but that have the added benefit of the medicine ball.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or tone your body, give these convenient, simple medicine ball exercises at home a try:

1. The Lower-Body Workout

It’s simple science: your lower half is under more pressure, because it bears more weight. Your feet, ankles, legs, and lower back bear a lot of pressure and are used for a variety of tasks throughout daily life. Keeping your lower body strong helps to relieve you of pain and prepare you to keep up with everyday life healthily.

Use your medicine ball to build lower body strength with:

  • Squats with ball held to the chest: 10 repetitions, break, 10 more.
  • Single leg squats with ball to chest: five repetitions per leg.
  • Rocking crunch with ball cradled on the legs: hold position for 20 seconds on, 10 off, 15 repetitions.
  • Single-leg chops, ball in hand: five repetitions per leg.

2. Boost Your Back

Your major nerves run through your back. Your back is sort of like the epicenter of your body, because it bears the most pressure, conducts the most signals, and holds everything together. So keeping your back healthy is important!

With your medicine ball, boost your back strength with:

  • Overhead pass: hold the ball behind your head with back straight for 10 seconds on, 10 off. Repeat 10 times.
  • Russian twists with ball in hand: 10 to each side.
  • Side extensions with ball in one hand: alternate the hand holding ball, perform 20 extensions to each side.
  • Single-leg hip bridge holding the ball on your pelvis: 10 repetitions per leg.

3. From The Floor Routine

Not every workout has to be lengthy or intense. Some exercises, repeated a few times over, can really help to tone your body, build muscles, and burn calories. This “from the floor routine” is one of those — and you can do the whole thing laying down, which is great when you’re feeling tired or like you need a low-impact workout.

  • Superman with ball in hands: hold for 20 seconds, rest 10. Five repetitions.
  • Curl-ups with ball in hands and arms extended: perform 20 curl ups.
  • Abdominal v-ups with ball in hands: 10 repetitions, a break, and then 10 more.
  • Straight leg sit-up with ball extended in front of chest: Start with 10 and work up to 20 over time.

4. Arm-Strengthening Routine

Keeping your arms in shape has a lot of benefits. From making you stronger to improving your appearances, a lot of people work out their arms for good reason.

Get your arms and your shoulders more fit using these simple medicine ball exercises:

  • The rolling ball push-up: 20 repetitions.
  • Shoulder press: 10 repetitions, a break, 10 more.
  • Bicep curls: five repetitions per arm.
  • Triceps extensions: five repetitions per arm.

5. Full-Body Circuit

To give your whole body a thorough workout at home, all you need is a medicine ball. This simple piece of equipment enables you to focus on each of your major muscles groups in order to help tone your whole body through a simple routine.

Exercise your whole body by:

  • Balancing burpees: perform a regular burpee, but with your medicine ball in hand. You’ll understand why this is a power exercise quickly! Repeat 10 times.
  • Sprint with ball to chest: sprint 30 seconds. Break. Repeat twice.
  • Sprints with ball overhead: sprint for 30 seconds and stop!
  • Circle squat: complete five squats and full body circles with ball. Take a break and do it again.
  • Russian deadlifts: being careful with your technique, perform just five repetitions because this exercise is intense!

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