5 Workouts for Abs worth Baring


5 Workouts for Abs worth Baring

Aug 23, 2013 //

Who doesn’t want to flaunt the perfectly flat abdominal muscles sported by some of the top names in Hollywood?

And, it’s not even difficult to get that perfectly sculpted six pack that you can bare with confidence at the beach.

At Fitness Republic, we have talked earlier about getting flat abs in every season. Here are some new fat-busting and muscle toning moves for you to try. All exercises require persistence for best results!

V for Victory

Tara Hyer, a dauntless diver who gives us all goosebumps when she jumps from a cliff and who has won several medals for her daring as well, performs exercises especially to strengthen her core and to make abs muscles rock-solid to sustain impact.

She recommends a workout for abs that target the upper and lower abdominal muscle groups and recommends that you ‘move body in V-shape’ to achieve the desired results.

First sit properly on a soft mat. Now, lie backward with your palms holding your body weight. Then, raise your legs up and as you do that lift your butt off the mat to make a V shape. Hold this position for two seconds. Bring down your legs steadily and repeat this at least 20 times.

Challenge your Muscles

Ask any fitness expert for a tip to flaunt six pack and a common answer will be ‘never be obsessed with midriff toning regimen’. Rather, every ab workout should develop muscle definition, tendon, thighs, and metabolism. Weight lifting is what can help you do all these. Be sure that you avoid extremes.


Sit-ups could greatly help you turn heads with your midsection. Make it a habit to do sit ups once in a day or during a daily fitness routine. Of course, no one is asking you to crazily outnumber your opponent. You can increase momentum as your body gets familiar with the abs workout.

Run & Walk

If you crave for endurance and power in addition to strong core you should concentrate on what a sprinter loves to do. Reality star Kim Kardashian makes it a habit to perform an outdoor running to remain in shape.

A former Navy Seal and fitness expert Stew Smith has recommended a six week walk/run plan with one mile for five days a week, 2 miles for next week, free third week, 2 for fourth week, three for fifth week, and 4 miles for last week.

Not Just Crunches

Crunches cannot tone up all the muscle groups of your core. More specifically, this workout for abs avoids lower back and butts, says Lou Schuler, who contributed in the book ‘The New Rules of Lifting for Abs’. Practice exercises that are effective for overall core strength such as alligator drag.

Good luck!

George Ponting

George Ponting remains up-to-date with General Fitness! From a young age, he has been extremely keen on and passionate about learning about the best ways to remain fit. George is full of tips, advice and suggestions in the field of fitness! Stay tuned to our General Fitness Section to receive the hottest Fitness information

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