7 Best Fat Reducing Exercises


7 Best Fat Reducing Exercises

Nov 1, 2013 //

Are you facing difficulty in burning fat? This is an ultimate quest that often leads you to try out different and irrelevant exercises. This article is based on best fat reducing exercises that may help you reach your fitness goal. To begin with your workout, you must learn the difference between fat burning and calorie shedding. These are two different and distinct phenomenons that have confused many. Burning calories doesn’t mean that you are cutting fat too. Therefore, fat loss is a whole different area that demands special attention.

7 Best Fat Reducing Exercises

Following are the seven fat reducing exercises which target your age-recommended heart rate and enable you to shed calories that are accumulated in the form of stored fat.


People usually have a very low opinion about walking as it is one of the low intensity workouts. But if you walk long, hard and fast you can actually raise your heart rate that may help you get rid of that extra fat. This particular exercise is one of the best fat burning exercises. When you start out, walk on a flat and smooth surface and as you start getting in proper shape you can raise the bar by walking on a hilly surface. It is recommended that as your stamina gets better you must raise the time and length of your workout to burn those fat reserves.

Body Weight Workouts

This particular type of exercises involves body weight. Crunches and push-ups are the best examples of this type of workout. You can achieve your fitness goal by using your body weight to target and raise your heart rate.

Free Weights

Many people who are looking to get rid of their extra fat can try working-out with weights. This may help them get one step closer to their fitness objective. Exercising with free weights assists in shedding both fat and calories may help you bulk up and shield your bones. Many experts recommend mixing up the exercises, as they believe that this can cause muscle confusion which raise the heart rate to a whole new level resulting in fat loss.

Circuit Training

Try mixing up cardio with weight training. Blending these two different workouts can enhance your heart rate which is a primary requirement for fat loss. It is recommended that the circuit training is done under the supervision of a trainer as it has many different combinations that must be done in a proportional manner to activate muscle confusion.


Pilates can help you burn fat reserves although it is a low intensity workout. This is considered as one of the best fat burning workouts because it has several other benefits that may help you maintain your muscle tone. Pilates is an extraordinary workout which helps in circulation, stabilizes your heart and balance.

Spinning and Cycling

Spinning when done in collaboration with cycling can make your heart race and shed stored calories. This is a supplementary workout that helps you burn calories while enhancing your balance which is an important factor in fat burning workouts.

High Intensity Interval Training

This is the best way to burn fat. This particular exercise involves only cardiovascular exercises that must be done in regular intervals. You are allowed to sprint for 30 seconds followed by 60 seconds of walking. This set is repeated 15 to 20 times to target your age recommended heart rate.


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