7 Core-Crushing At Home Workouts

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7 Core-Crushing At Home Workouts

Jun 3, 2015 //

Swimsuit season is upon us and it’s time to rethink our midsection! Is your core swimsuit ready, or do you need to work it to hit the sand with a beach body? Whether we are aiming to look svelte in a bikini, shorts, or leggings, we all want to be able to wear clothes that flatter and are comfortable. No more lying on the bed to fasten your favorite jeans! (Come on, we all have been there once or twice).

If the gym is not accessible, there are plenty of excercises you can do at home to get great abs. Find a comfortable spot where you can spread out and feel relaxed. Try these seven core-crushing workouts that you can do in the privacy of your own home!

1. Beach Body Crunch

  • Sit on the floor in a relaxed, comfortable position.
  • Breathe normally throughout this exercise.
  • Extend your legs and stretch.
  • Holding a two-pound dumbbell with both hands, cross and lift both legs.
  • Gently pull in stomach muscles to create resistance.
  • While legs are lifted, move the dumbbell from right to left in a swivel motion.
  • Continue to swivel for 12 repetitions.

2. Six-Pack Abs

  • Lie on the floor on your back.
  • Bend knees at a 90 degree angle.
  • Pull in stomach muscles.
  • Exhale. Place your hands behind your head, keeping knees stacked over hips.
  • Lift your shoulders and gently crunch up.
  • Breathe in, squeeze your abs, and hold for five seconds.
  • Release and exhale.
  • Extend your legs and hold for five seconds, continuing to squeeze abs.
  • Return to beginning position.
  • Complete 15 repetitions.

3. Killer Kickbacks

  • Begin down on the floor on all fours, back relaxed and toes tucked in.
  • Pull your bellybutton to your spine, contracting abs.
  • Lift both knees off the ground.
  • With abs tight, bring your left knee forward while kicking your right leg back behind you.
  • Hold for five seconds.
  • For extra results, squeeze buttocks while kicking.
  • Complete 9 repetitions.
  • Repeat on other side.

4. Sexy Core

  • Start on the floor in a comfortable relaxed position.
  • Cross legs with hands placed next to your hips.
  • Tighten ab muscles and squeeze in your pelvic floor.
  • While pushing into your hands, lift your butt off the floor.
  • Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Hold for five counts.
  • Gently lower your body to the floor.
  • Complete five repetitions.
  • For a more advanced move, lift your entire lower half (feet and all) off the floor.

5. Core Balance

  • Begin in a relaxed sitting position.
  • Keep shoulders back.
  • Place feet on the floor, hands beneath your knees and knees slightly bent.
  • Squeeze abdominals as tight as you can.
  • Keeping knees bent, raise your lower legs parallel to the floor.
  • Balance your body using butt muscles.
  • If you can, extend your arms forward.
  • Hold for 10 counts. Release and repeat for six repetitions.

6. Core-Crusher

  • Start by standing in an upright position with back straight, place feet hip-width apart and knees slightly bent.
  • Cross your hands over your chest.
  • Place feet pointing forward and knees directly over toes.
  • Squeeze abs tightly and buttocks tucked.
  • Squat downward, pressing your body weight into your feet.
  • Return to starting position.
  • Complete 15 repetitions to feel the burn.

7. Diva Dive

  • Begin on the floor, on your stomach.
  • Point your toes and stretch arms over your head.
  • Gently lift your legs and arms five inches off the floor, avoiding back strain.
  • Hold for three counts.
  • While in the dive position, extend your arms out to your sides and behind you.
  • Hold for three counts. Return to starting position.
  • Complete 15 repetitions.

Adding any one of these core-crushing exercises to your workout regime will tone and tighten abdominals. Results depend upon your dedication and diligence. No pain, no gain (or so they say). You have to sweat a little (or a lot) to obtain results. Remember to squeeze, squeeze, and squeeze your abs while doing these exercises for optimum results. As with any exercise, consult with your fitness professional for appropriate technique and form. Do not exercise out of your fitness level. Modify these exercises to fit your body type and exercise goals.



Gina McKnight

Gina is an author, freelance writer, and equestrian from Ohio USA. Living with her family near Wayne National Forest, she is a fitness enthusiast with a passion for a healthy, organic lifestyle! She is a graduate of Franklin University, Columbus, Ohio; summa cum laude. Gina encourages her readers to eat healthy and to find a sport or hobby that keeps them moving!

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