7 Fat-Burning Water Aerobics Exercises


7 Fat-Burning Water Aerobics Exercises

Mar 30, 2015 //

Water aerobics are more than staged performances of floatie-wearing grandmothers treading to the musings of an 80s pop band. Yes, water aerobics can actually be revolutionary and disruptive to your body’s plateaus. What’s more, and perhaps the greatest beauty in a well-executed water aerobics workout, it doesn’t take a toll on your knees and other joints. An unfortunate inevitability in, say a lengthy run on land, or a plyometric workout in a stadium (running up and down and up flights of stairs), is you’re slowly tearing away at the cartilage in those precious knees. So take some stress off your legs, and head for a pool to try out these exciting water aerobics exercises.

1. Hydro Belly Blaster Routine

This revolutionary new workout weds high-intensity cardio exercises with plyometric-focused moves, and there are occasional resistance bands pit stops too. It’s an endless pool of exhaustion with this one. And you’re sure to stretch, tread and swim your body to an impressively high fitness level if you give the belly blaster routine a chance. What’s more is this workout can be performed and completed in as few as 30 minutes, so it’s a seamless introduction to a busy working day routine.

2. High Intensity Water Jogging   

If you’re eager to find a new place to jog, hit the pool. Studies say that jogging in place at an aggressively quick rate in a pool (waist high water level), can burn as many as 17 calories a minute. That’s incredible!

3. Spiderman

Look something like America’s favorite web-slinging superhero while climbing pool walls with this exercise. The unique movement, against gravity, provides your body newfound challenges in the core region. Your back muscles will exert some notable effort as well!

4. Pool Crunches

Let’s keep in theme with strengthening the core with some pool enhanced crunches. This exercise avoids the regular stress you might expose your neck muscles to when performing crunches on land.

5. Pool Planks

Once again, here we are, putting your core through the trials and tribulations of a gritty underwater workout. Pool planks take the inherent core-strengthening benefits of the plank, and add to them the natural push and pull of a pool water’s flow. That forces your body to brace and flex with renewed vigor to remain stable.

6. One-Legged Balance

Improve your body’s mobility and balance by performing this isolation-enhanced pool exercise. On top of improving your balance, you’ll also strengthen your leg muscles. This exercise, in a way, resembles the lunge you’d perform on land, but here you’re able to offset the felt stress and potential for minor muscle tears with the aid and resistance of the pool’s water.

7. Chaos Cardio

This adaptation of the standard water cardio workout throws you into a new pool workout of impressive intensity. Plus you get to use a noodle with this one. It’s the most painful twist on fun you’ve experienced yet, and definitely earns it’s ‘chaos’ name from the frantic pace you must keep up through the entirety of the workout.

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