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7 Moves to Strengthen Inner Thighs

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7 Moves to Strengthen Inner Thighs

Sure, you want your legs to look great, but it also turns out the key to building and sustaining a strong inner core starts with strengthening your inner thighs. That’s because these powerhouse muscles are valuable in keeping your body stabilized when standing and working against gravity. Use these moves to work your inner thighs.

1. Cable Abductions

This dynamic exercise will effectively call upon both your inner thigh and groin, as you pull a cable across your support leg in a fluid motion. The recommended amount of repetitions, for both legs, is about 15 to 20. It’s always best to feel it out, then proceed in just fashion from there. Many of us have neglected inner-thigh workouts in the past, so it should come as no surprise if the exercise poses quite a bit of difficulty from the get go!


2. Ninja Squats

Power squats bring with them an extensive array of muscle building and general healthful benefits! For instance, as you squat you’re targeting many more muscles than just your legs. You’re also building a stronger upper body and core. By building, then sustaining more muscle through power-squat repetitions and greatly strengthening your inner thighs, you’ll burn more calories at rest — in between sets! — than you would during other exercises. Pretty neat, huh?


3. Frog Bend

The frog bend seamlessly incorporates into a busy schedule, since you don’t need to go to the gym to do it. By simply using gravity’s inherent resistant power, you’ll be able to build thigh strength from your living room, hotel room, office, park or anywhere else!

4. Standing Side Kicks

You might feel as if you’re taking instruction from an invisible sensei master who’s well versed in the ways of the kung Fu master — or you might just feel those inner thigh muscles burn as you progress through this action packed, thigh strengthener!


5. Criss Cross Power Jacks

What’s better than an age old calisthenic you might’ve been doing since elementary school? Criss cross power jacks are another exercise of which you’re required no additional equipment. Yet, after you’re done with them, you might find yourself as wiped out as if you’d taken on a rigorous weight lifting routine!

6. Cossack Squat

This exercise is explosively effective, and manages to target and shape almost every angle of your glutes and inner thighs — both building muscle and establishing and preserving a strong inner core!


7. Weighted Inner-Thigh Lift

The minimal amount of motion needed to do this exercise allows beginners and those recovering from injuries to pleasantly ease into gaining inner-thigh strength.

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