A 10 Minute Equipment Free Workout


A 10 Minute Equipment Free Workout

Jul 14, 2015 //


Sometimes it seems like there just isn’t enough time in the day to workout. Fortunately, you don’t need much time for a good workout. You don’t even need any equipment! All you need is a little room to move and about ten minutes to get a solid workout in. This is a circuit workout, so try to work as hard and fast as possible while maintaining proper technique. Remember to stretch before and after to avoid hurting yourself.

Start With Some Cardio

For the first two minutes of your workout, you should pick a simple cardio exercise you like. My favorite is jumping jacks, because it gets my heart rate up and keeps me limber. Try doing jumping jacks for two minutes before taking a short 10-20 second rest and moving on.

Focus On Your Core

Next, get down on the floor for some pushups. Pushups are an excellent exercise because they hit many of your major muscle groups, and they promote stability and balance. Do as many pushups as you can for one minute, then rest for about 10-20 seconds.

Legs, Legs, Legs

Stand up and get ready to do same squats. Bodyweight squats are an excellent exercise, and they will help you develop stronger legs, as well as core strength. Do as many squats as you can for one minute, then rest for 10-20 seconds.


Back to the floor for a plank exercise. Get in the pushup position, then lower yourself down onto your forearms. Hold the position for 50 seconds, keeping your body straight from your shoulders to your heels. Rest for 10-20 seconds and move on.


After those planks, you’ll want to get your heart rate back up. Do as many burpees as you can in one minute. Keep moving, and keep your core engaged.

Side to Side

Get back on your feet, and start doing side lunges. These will improve your flexibility and strength. Alternate between sides, doing as many repetitions as possible for one minute.

Take a break

You’re done! Do some stretches and cool down for a minute. By this time, you’ve been working out for close to ten minutes, and you should be a little sweaty. Give yourself a pat on the back, clean up, and get back to your day.

If you have a little more time, you can just repeat the whole routine for a longer circuit.



Caleb Palmquist

Caleb is a freelance writer living in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida. He is a health and fitness enthusiast who wants to inspire people to live happier, longer lives. Caleb's hobbies include hiking, kayaking, biking, and cooking.

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