Best Exercises for Desk Job Workers


Best Exercises for Desk Job Workers

Oct 20, 2012 //

In today’s dog eat dog world, the level of competition I high and people have never been more committed to their work life ever before. Eating healthy and working out are far beyond anyone’s reach who is working on a busy exhausting schedule dictated by work hours. How amazing would it be if you could just keep sitting in your office and take some time out for exercising! Here is where you need to stop worrying and step into the realm of exercises for desk workers!

Check out some of the best exercises that can be incorporated into the very same best exercises for desk workers! Now all you need to do is run through a couple of these in between piles of files, meetings and conference calls and you should be good to go!

For the Lower Back!

Lower back pain is a common dilemma among desk workers as it is not possible to sit in a chair with an erect back for long hours. As a result people end up slouching which can lead to a sore back and a sore neck. By practicing one of the best exercises for desk workers aiming at the lower back, you can relax the strain he back is put through day in and day out.

  • With the palms down, placing your hands on your lower back, point your fingers towards the floor and easily lean back
  • With your elbows pointing in a straight fashion backwards, raise your breast bone up towards the ceiling
  • Hold the position for about 15 seconds and relax back
  • Do this exercise thrice

For the Calves and Quadriceps!

Another problem many desk workers suffer from is that of leg cramping due to persistent inactivity. This exercise is truly one of the best exercises for desk workers and seems like it is designed especially for them as it is a great way to eliminate muscle spasms and leg cramps. In order to ensure you are doing the exercise correctly, you must feel a sharp stretch in your calf muscles and a tightening feeling in your quadriceps as the blood flow rises alleviating the pain.

  • Palms down, place your hands on the left leg
  • Lift the left leg upwards with the help of the hip flexor and extend it out completely
  • Holding this position, flex your leg muscle for ten seconds
  • With the hand again on the leg, put the leg down slowly touching the foot to the ground
  • Repeat with right leg
  • Do the exercises thrice on each leg

For the Shoulders!

This exercise is the best exercise for desk workers with a shoulder problem. It is a great way to gain strength in the shoulders and be able to easily manage the load of paperwork, files and boxes you are working with.

  • Stretching the left arm over you and reaching towards the right across the chest, do a motion as if you are grabbing something with your left hand on the right side
  • Place your right arm under the left arm
  • Now in a hugging motion, press your left arm in towards the chest
  • Repeat the movement with alternating the arms
  • Now relax your arms and let them fall loose on either side
  • To end the exercise slowly roll the shoulders forwards ten times and then backwards ten time

For the Abdomen!

Sitting fixatedly on a desk for multiple hours can lead to a bulging popped out tummy and a waistline. This exercise proves to be the best exercise for desk workers by addressing this problem area! This crunching exercise for desk workers is definitely a great fix.

  • Sitting on the edge of your chair, with the back straight, lean backwards from the waist
  • Throughout make sure to hold the handles of the chair with both hands
  • Now bend your knees and lift both the legs up, feeling pressure on the stomach and keeping the abdominal muscles tight
  • Lastly, straighten your legs out after with the heels only a couple of inches off the floor
  • Do the exercise at least 10 times
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