Bicep, Tricep Strengtheners


Bicep, Tricep Strengtheners

Jan 19, 2015 //

Tees and tanks are both staples of the average global clothing-consumers wardrobes; at what point did we lend ourselves over to the notion demi-god-like, sculpted, defined twice-over again arms couldn’t be, as well?

Low repetitions are quintessential toward building a solidly, founded strength-base. As a lifter, aspiring for strengthened biceps and triceps we want to actively help you avoid common, upstart gym-rat mistakes with some simple, yet dynamically effective tricks of the trade.

Dumbell Curl, 6 Repetitions- 3 Times Through

The dumbbell curl is the iconic, renowned, bicep strengthening exercise. Unfortunately, many of us fall prey to presuming we’ve always known just how to properly carry out the exercise.

  • First, and foremost, select two dumbbells you’ll be able to curl (individually) for three sets of six repetitions.
  • Next, stand, feet shoulder-width apart, dumbbells directly in front of your hips, and palms facing outward.
  • Then, curl your left hand inwards toward your left shoulder, thereafter lowering the left hand (with dumbbell) back to its starting position.
  • Proceed to complete six curls, each arm.
  • Rest for 30 seconds to a minute, then repeat all the way through again.

Once you’ve completed the dumbbell curl workout, look back at yourself reflected in that gym mirror – bicep veins pulsating, flushed, and know given enough time the post-lift pump will only look all the more formidable.

Narrow, Shoulder-Width Dips – 7 or 8 Repetitions, 3 Times Through

This exercise targets triceps, and is body-weight-lift affiliated in nature.

NOTE: If this is your first time you plan on incorporating narrow, dips into your workout seek out a weight-assisted dip/pull-up machine to reduce likelihood of injury.

  • Let both of your arms hang down at your sides.
  • Next, firmly clasp handles located on either side of your torso.
  • Then, kneel on the weight-assisted platform.
  • Plank upwards with your body, so essentially a vertical-upright plank.
  • Relax your shoulders, and bend your elbows behind you – you’ll feel as if you’re pushing yourself, or sliding up-down, down-up a wall.
  • Repeat motion seven-eight times through.
  • Rest for 30 seconds, then do again.
  • Continue for three total circuits.

Once completed, feel those triceps (casually, as you don’t want to appear to possessed with vanity), and savor that blazing, burn. Just imagine what the backs of your arms (the triceps) will look like next time you push yourself up from a chair, or a barstool when out for drinks with a lovely date.

Diamond Push-Ups – 8 Repetitions, 3 Times Through

We refer to this exercise as the diamond push up, entirely because your hands will come together to form a devilishly groovy, diamond-like shape.

  • Get on a well-cushioned mat, for the sake of better supporting your wrists.
  • Move into the push-up position. Place your hands under your chest, and bring the both of them together to make a diamond-shape.
  • Lastly, low yourself to the ground, then push back up to the original starting position.
  • Repeat eight times through, and take breaks as needed.

The diamond-pushup is undoubtedly an advanced interpretation of the standard-hands wide, pushup. The key with incorporating this exercise into your biceps/triceps strengthening routine is to gradually increase reps, and respond with rest when your wrist tendons flare up with beginners’ pain.

Underhand-grip Pull-ups (weigh-assisted if needed) – 5 Reps, 3 Times Through

Practically as universally-regarded as the dumbbell exercise when considering bicep strengtheners, the underhand grip pull up effectively incorporates your body weight as a means to strength-lifting.

Note: If a beginner in this field of exercise, seek out weight assisted machine, just as was recommended for beginner ‘narrow, shoulder-width triceps-dippers.’

  • Step up to the machine; clutch both left and right side bars. Your grip should be shoulder-width.
  • Pull your body up, just until your left and right elbows are at your sides.
  • Lower your body until arms and shoulders have attained full extension.
  • Repeat this process five times.
  • Rest one minute, and then complete another five reps – two more times through.

Your biceps/triceps-strengthening workout has at long last, concluded! Don’t forget to re-fuel your muscles you’ve just adamantly targeted.

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