5 Breast-Lifting Exercises (No Weights Needed)

Sep 27, 2016 //

Breast lifts are a big business these days. Many women want their breasts to look perkier and are looking for ways to fight the aging process, but before you think about going under the knife, consider these great breast-lifting exercises instead.

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Unlike surgery, breast-lifting exercises don’t require recovery time, don’t leave scars and don’t have the risk of surgical complications. And they don’t cost thousands of dollars! Even better, the following exercises don’t require equipment, so you can do them anywhere, any time.


Pushups are a great way to work on your pectorals, and building the muscles of your chest can help to improve the apparent size and perkiness of breasts.

  • Begin in a standard pushup position, with your hands and feet on the ground and your body flat.
  • Your hands should be just a little bit wider than your shoulders, and your feet should be touching.
  • Engage your core to keep your body from slouching.
  • Lower down until your nose nearly touches the ground, then push back up again.
  • As you perform the exercise, focus on squeezing your hands together, as though you were going to bend the floor between your hands.

This will really get your chest muscles working.

If standard pushups are too challenging to start with, begin with an easier variation. The easiest option is the wall pushup, which is especially good if you have back problems or haven’t worked out much previously.

Simply stand in front of a wall, place your arms against it at shoulder height, then perform a pushup as you would normally. Instead of fighting gravity and your whole body weight, you’ll only be resisting a fraction of your weight.

Once you’ve mastered wall pushups, move on to knee pushups on the ground. While more challenging than a wall pushup, this will still be substantially easier than a standard pushup.

Chair Dips

Another effective chest exercise can be performed with
nothing more than a kitchen chair.

  • First, sit in the chair normally. Grab onto the sides of the chair and slide yourself forward and off the seat.
  • Bending your arms, slowly lower yourself down until your elbows are nearly at a 90-degree angle.
  • Then slowly push up to your original position.

Much like the pushup, chair dips not only work your pectorals, they also work your triceps. This means that these exercises won’t just help your bust, they also can help to tone your arms, too.

Hand-Cup Press

  • To do a hand-cup press, simply stand tall with your feet at about hip-width.
  • Raise your arms in front of you and press your hands firmly together, keeping your arms straight and your fingers cupped.
  • Press together for about 30 seconds per repetition.

You should feel a burn in your chest almost immediately. Remember this feeling of your chest pressing inward; it’s the same one you want to cultivate during your pushups.


Burpees are a whole-body workout that can help you to get in shape and to lose weight. They also can help to tone the muscles of your upper body.

  • To do a burpee, perform a standard pushup. Once you’ve pushed back all the way up,
    leave your palms on the floor, but jump your legs up and forward, ending in a
    squatting position.
  • Pick up your hands off the floor and push off with your
    legs, jumping as high as you’re able.
  • After you’ve landed, squat down again,
    replace your hands on the ground and jump back into a pushup posture again.
  • This is one repetition.

Finally, Good Posture

Stronger chest muscles can go a long ways toward improving the appearance of your breasts, but they’re far from the only ingredient. Focusing exclusively on your chest can lead to having knots and tension in the muscles. This in turn can lead to poor posture and a hunched, narrow-chested appearance.

To keep your bust tall and proud, work regularly to open the chest. Massaging the muscles by lying on the ground with a lacrosse ball under your chest or using a foam roller can be very helpful. Taking time to stretch the chest muscles is also a must. Ideally, take time to work your back muscles through exercises like rows, pull-ups or bird dogs. Doing exercises like these will open up your and help you to achieve balance in your body. And in the end, nothing is sexier than balance and confidence.