Burn 100 Calories Right Now


Burn 100 Calories Right Now

Dec 13, 2014 //

What does it take to burn 100 calories right now? Well, you don’t need to spend hours in the gym to get fit. If you can find few minutes, you can do it! Just spend 1 minute on each exercise and burn those extra calories! Squeeze in this calorie-torching workout routine into your day and kick calories to the curb by just making a little time for these moves.

Get chiseled body with these fat-blasting moves and knock off 100 calories now!

Crank up your workout and blast more fat!burn-100-calories-min


Ridz Buk

Ridz had been the Sr. Content Analyst for Fitness Republic. With her passion to keep herself well informed about health & fitness trends, she aims to promote healthy habits and healthy lifestyle through her words for maintaining optimal health.

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