Cardio Workouts for Speed and Endurance


Cardio Workouts for Speed and Endurance

Jun 5, 2012 //

Athletes and fitness fanatics require speed and endurance to improve their workout experience. Cardio endurance and speed enables an individual to work out for a longer time at a steady rate. This would enable you to burn more fats than you normally can, which means faster weight loss. The blood vessels and respiratory system provides more oxygen to the body when an individual work on these exercises. There are some easy Cardio workouts that can help to enhance the endurance and speed! However, the cardio workout has to be designed in a way that it would increase both the speed and endurance. Hence, we have come up with some types of workout.


Running is one of the best types of exercising that can help to burn fats effectively. You could run in an open ground, track or a treadmill. Treadmill is has more advantages since the speed could be set, this particular exercise requires running at a set speed for 15 to 20 minutes. If you think that you can still run, then increase the speed and keep running! This exercise helps to improve both the speed and endurance.


Another thing that you could add to your cardio workout is push-ups. First thing to do is decide how many push-ups you can do in one set, breathe out whenever you push yourself upwards. Try doing at least 2 to 3 sets each day, however, take short breaks in between. This exercise would help to improve the endurance.


Cycling is yet another good exercise. This particular exercise can be challenging, you could do it outside or use an exercise bike. It is important to cycle for at least 15 minutes every day and increase the speed whenever you think you can do more. You could also ride up a slope; this would require more effort and improve your endurance.


This particular exercise is very demanding and can be very difficult for beginner; hence, the number of chin-ups you do depends on you! Make sure you do 1 set at least per day.

Step machine

This exercise may seem to be pointless, but it really does help to improve your endurance. You could do this exercise for 15-20 minutes every day, increase the speed gradually.

Skipping rope

This exercise may seem to be very childish, but it is excellent for both the speed and endurance. You could skip rope for 15 to 20 minutes each day, increase the speed as you do it. It’s an exercise that’s both fun and beneficial!


This Cardio workout should be done at least 3 times a week, besides the benefit that it improves speed and endurance it also provides countless health benefits.

George Ponting

George Ponting remains up-to-date with General Fitness! From a young age, he has been extremely keen on and passionate about learning about the best ways to remain fit. George is full of tips, advice and suggestions in the field of fitness! Stay tuned to our General Fitness Section to receive the hottest Fitness information

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