10 Crazy Battle Rope Exercises To Get You Ripped

Apr 28, 2017 //

It’s time to add a new, bad-ass piece of gym equipment to your fitness routine: battle ropes.

Battle ropes are usually anchored to a wall or pole at most gyms  and provide an easy way to accomplish a high-intensity, full-body workout. The best part? Waving those ropes around is a super fun way to get fit!

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To ensure that you have correct form, start with feet shoulder-width apart and a slight bend in the knees. Grip the rope so that your palms are facing each other.

Incorporate these moves into your existing workout regime, or complete the 10-minute workout as listed below.

Making Waves

The wave movement focuses on toning up arms as well as shoulders, all while raising your heart rate. Hold one rope in each hand with palms facing each other and thumbs on top of the rope. Extend your arms with a slight bend in the knees. Raise one arm to shoulder height and as you drop it back down, raise your other arm to shoulder height. Keep this alternating pattern up with a whipping motion. Try performing the entire motion in a squat position if you would like to work your lower body more. Intensity can vary by speed of the whipping motion or weight of the rope. Continue this move for one minute.

Slam Down

Power movements not only burn some serious calories, but they also can relieve a lot of stress. The slam movement with battle ropes is the ultimate power move. To perform the move, set up with feet shoulder width distance apart. Hold one rope in each hand with palms facing together and thumbs on top of the rope. Beginning with a slight bend in your knees, raise both arms above your head at the same time. Slam both ropes down at the same time as you sit back into a high squat. Stand back up and repeat. If you want to isolate one arm, try doing a single slam with just one arm at a time. Perform a specific amount of repetitions and then switch to the other arm. Do this move for a minute.

Jumping Jacks

This movement combines the traditional jumping jack motion with the battle ropes for added intensity. As with the other movements, stand up with a slight bend in the knees at shoulder-width distance apart. Hold one rope in each hand with a reverse grip and perform the traditional jumping jack exercise. The battle ropes will add resistance that builds strength in not just your arms and shoulders, but your entire body. Continue doing this move for one minute.

Alternating Lunge Jump With Waves

If you’ve mastered the more basic movements and you’re ready to add in a little more intensity, try this lunging exercise. To begin, hold one rope in each hand. Start by bringing one arm to shoulder level. As you drop that arm back down, simultaneously raise your other arm to shoulder level. Once your wave movement is in action, drop your left leg back into a reverse lunge. Jump back in the air and repeat on the other leg. Keep all of these movements going as fluidly as possible for an intense full-body workout. Keep at this exercise for one minute before moving on to squat jumps.

Squat Jumps

To perform squat jumps with battle ropes, you will need to begin by standing with one rope in each hand. Jump up and land by sitting back into a squat. You should be able to see your toes when you reach the bottom of the squat. Pop back up and then squat back down again. Perform this repetition and feel free to add in the wave or “lam movements from the previous moves to work out your arms more throughout the movement. Continue jumping for a minute.


Circles can be performed in various ways. If you would prefer to work both arms at the same time, then you can keep your hands separate and move each rope in a circle. To perform one large circle, keep your arms together with both hands gripping the ropes. Create large or small circles and alternate directions to hit different muscle groups within your arms. Continue this movement for a full minute.

Single-Leg Squat With Single-Arm Movement

Balance is a key component to this exercise. Balance on one leg and make battle rope waves. Once you’ve got this move down, try to complete the same move, but by holding the battle rope with the opposite hand. Start making shoulder-level waves with the arm holding the battle rope. If you feel sturdy in this position, try moving your balancing leg up and down to exercise the lower body at the same time. Repeat this for time or a certain amount of repetitions and then switch sides. Do the exercise for a full minute before moving on to upper cuts.

Upper Cuts

This movement helps isolate muscles in the arm to strengthen and tone. Hold a rope in each hand and bend knees slightly. Place your weight to the right side as you punch diagonally across your body with your left arm. Keep your left elbow bent and your left hand at shoulder level. Bring your arm back down and repeat the movement with the right arm. Continue alternating for one minute.

Hip To Hip

To isolate your lateral muscles and core, try this hip alternation movement. Hold battle ropes in each hand with arms together. Bend knees slightly and lock in your core. Shift your weight to the left and move both ropes to the left hip. Hold for one second and then move to the center position. Shift your weight to the right and move both ropes to the right hip. Keep alternating with this pattern for one minute.


The crisscross move uses your arm muscles from different angles to create an upper-body burn. Start with feet at a shoulder-width distance apart. Grab a battle rope with each hand and hold them at waist level. Spread arms out as wide as possible. Cross your right arm over the left and come out to the wide position. Cross the left arm over the right. Continue alternating in this pattern for one minute.

There you have it: A full-body battle ropes workout, and it only took 10 minutes! Take five minutes to stretch and enjoy a cool down, or repeat the circuit one more time to really up the intensity.