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Cross Training Exercises for Soccer Players

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Cross Training Exercises for Soccer Players

A soccer player gets one day to rest and the other five days are spent in practicing, enhancing speed, quickness and focusing on explosive power to demonstrate in a 90 minutes match. A soccer player has to focus not only on his or her legs but also back and shoulders which assist in the overall soccer game.

The best soccer workout plan requires strength training which is vital for a soccer athlete to gear himself or herself up for an intense match. Soccer is a physically challenging sport which requires muscular strength. Muscular mass can be gained through strength training exercises.

Best Soccer Workout Plan

To begin any strength training activity you first need a dynamic warm up that prepares your body for the intense workout. A dynamic warm up entails skipping, forward lunges, side shuffles, spider crawls and light jogging. Dynamic warm ups are critical for a safer workout.

Here is a soccer player workout routine that will allow you to create a competitive and fun soccer practice.

Soccer Player workout routine: Squatting

  • Known to build leg muscle, squatting workout is part of a soccer player’s regimen.It keeps leg muscles powerful and strong
  • Start with standing straight with feet shoulder-width apart
  • Maintain an upright spine position with hips leaned and slowly lower your body
  • Your legs will flex and knees will maintain a 90 degree angle
  • Return to starting position
  • Perform three sets of ten repetition

Soccer Player workout routine: Sprinting

Sprinting is considered to be a cardio workout.However it does have the ability to build lean mass. When you sprint you engage your leg muscles to build mass.

  • You can begin sprinting in a local park, a trail, or even a track
  • Begin by sprinting between 30 to 50 feet at optimum speed
  • Slow down your pace and covert sprint into jogging and jog for 50 feet
  • Continue to switch between sprint and jogfor ten minutes
  • Your jog distance should remain intact while sprint distance can be increased at each interval

Soccer Player workout routine: Running Uphill

Running on a flat surface is very common. Another form of running that is considered exhaustive and requires a lot of stamina, strength and speed is uphill running. The particular exercise burns calories reducing weight and preventing shin splints.

  • Locate a hill spot where it takes a few seconds to reach the peak
  • Run uphill and then slowly jog back down
  • Without pausing turnaround and run uphill again
  • Repeat this cycle for five minutes

Soccer Player workout routine: Power Jumping

Power jumps come in handy when the soccer ball is in the air and you have to kick it to the goal area.Power jumps are effective for calves and give you enough momentum to go airborne. The key in this workout is to jump as high as possible.

  • Start by standing with feet shoulder’s width apart
  • Stand in a squatting position and jump upright as high as possible
  • While you are in the, get your knees to your chest
  • Perform 15 jumps of five sets

These cross training exercises for soccer will ease the game of soccer for you. Next time when you find yourself in the field, you will have an upgraded skill!

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