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Crossfit Exercises for Kids

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Crossfit Exercises for Kids

With the goal of pairing fun and fitness, Crossfit exercises for kids are designed to be engaging, encouraging, and extremely effective for promoting good health. A form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT,) Crossfit is generally considered an extreme, challenging exercise program for adults.

For kids, Crossfit is all about burning up boundless energy while strengthening muscles and developing fitness skills like balance and flexibility. The kid’s crossfit program doesn’t deviate in intensity, but the exercises that are performed are tailored to the child’s age, ability, and endurance levels.

Each level of Cross fit exercises for kids includes a few of the following basic maneuvers at different intervals and intensities:

Warm-Up Stretching Exercises

To get kids ready for an intense workout, Crossfit starts with simple warm-ups that get children moving and energized. The warm-up exercises are selected based on what is best for the age group working out. Warm-ups may include a simple ball toss or a light run for younger kids. Modified versions of more intense exercises, like Burpees or squats may also be used to prepare older children’s muscles for more challenging workouts to come.

Different Types of Burpees

A Burpee is a combination of a pushup, a squat, and a thrust. Kids begin a Burpee in a squatting position, then lean forward into a pushup. As they lower themselves into the pushup, they kick their feet out behind them. Their feet should return to a squatting position as they straighten their arms, completing the pushup.

Depending on the child’s age and endurance, a certain number of repetitions of these simultaneous pushups/squats/thrusts will be expected. To help your child learn to perform a Burpee safely and effectively, learn about Burpee tips and techniques.

Repeated Steps/Lunges

One of the classic images of Crossfit training is a person performing a lunge with his hands above his head supporting what appears to be a pole with weights on it. Though this exercise looks like it would crush a child, many kids are able to perform versions of repetitive steps or lunges.

The Crossfit step or lunge is measured by length and adjusted stylistically for kids so that the leg muscles are stretched but not extended too far. Little preschoolers are instructed simply to take giant steps, for instance. Preteens, on the other hand, perform lunges while holding a lighter weight, like PVC pipe, over their heads.

Simple but Challenging Squats

Apart from being a great workout for anyone, performing squats really helps kids to develop a sense of balance and ultra-strong leg muscles. The exercise is natural for many children, as kids frequently squat all on their own.

Squats simply involve lowering the body into a sitting position, with all of the body weight on the legs and feet as nothing supports the “sitting” body.Older children may perform backwards, forwards, or overhead squats that involve holding weights while squatting. Exercises like these can provide serious core strengthening.

For younger children who are preschool or elementary ages, squats may involve less intense but equally fun, imaginative exercises like bear crawling, crab-walking, or forward rolling before or after basic squats are performed.

Uniquely Designed Jumps, Hops, and Tucks

Whether or not kids are participating in Crossfit, it is likely that they will be skipping, jumping, hopping, and otherwise bouncing around, especially if they have a lot of energy. Cross fit exercises transform these natural, childlike motions into fitness-focused training.

From preschool through the teen years, Crossfit exercises for kids involve jumps, hops, and a lot of tucks. These exercises require kids’ bodies to become more flexible and develop a healthy sense of balance.

Energizing, Active Games

While not technically a targeted stretch, one of the features of Crossfit exercise programs for kids is playing games. Selected for age-appropriateness, games for kids include dodge ball, tag, and cops and robbers.

Games like these get kids running around and working up a sweat. The competitive nature of such games makes exercising all the more exciting for kids, making fitness feel as fun as it should be.

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