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Crush Your Workouts by Cross-Training

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Crush Your Workouts by Cross-Training

Choosing a workout activity is very important in determining whether you will achieve your fitness goals. Many people choose their favorite sports for their workouts, but it’s essential to add in cross-training to get the most benefit and prevent injuries. It is important to combine different workout exercises as they supplement each other for efficient movements, achievement of your fitness goals, and injury prevention. Continuous workouts using the same muscle groups may cause injury due to the repetitive strain. In addition, working on supplementary muscles will help you perform better in your favorite sport or activity.


Yoga is a good cross-training exercise for individuals who tend to choose swimming as their workout activity. Swimming requires steady and rhythmic breathing. The high amount of breathing is what proves to be difficult for many swimmers, which hinders workout goals. Swimmers who experience trouble with breathing should try incorporating yoga into their routine workout program. Yoga exercise puts an emphasis on breathing, but it’s not as intense as the breathing rate required for swimming. The steady breathing pace achieved from yoga can help achieve the intense breathing pace that can be very helpful in the pool. Individuals seeking an exercise to help them improve their swimming ability should consider yoga.

Sports Conditioning

Sports conditioning is a solid choice when it comes to cross-training exercise. It’s a perfect fit for people that play sports that require sprinting and quick turning. A good example of such a sport is tennis. In tennis, reaction time and agility are very crucial. Sports conditioning exercises help boost the body’s ability to accelerate as well as decelerate. Ability to control speed is crucial in tennis because of the need to turn side to side quickly. Sports conditioning can help achieve this ability, which makes it a good supplement for workouts that people do to improve sprinting and the ability to turn quickly.

Plyometric Training

Plyometric is a good cross-training fit for people that participate in weightlifting for their workouts. Plyometric moves include such exercises as jump squats and box jumps. Plyometric exercises involve doing very rapid and repeated movements. This type of exercise builds explosive muscle power that yields big gains for weight lifters. Plyometric training allows weightlifters to train for power and at the same time do rapid movements.


Individuals who are in sports that require high jumping can do Pilates as a cross-training workout. Pilates allows you to gain more in the height in your jumps. High jumping requires that you use explosive muscle power. Pilates training will strengthen the leg muscles and boost the individual’s ability to contract and lengthen the muscles quickly. This is the kind of muscle movement that is required to be in the air for high jumps. If you participate in a sport wherefor high jumping is per

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