What Is Tao Yin? What You Need To Know About This Ancient, Chinese Yoga


What Is Tao Yin? What You Need To Know About This Ancient, Chinese Yoga

Mar 4, 2014 //

Tao Yin is a series of exercises practiced by Taoists on the Chinese medical theory 36 acupressure points. The Yin represents the theory of energy which means soft. Tao Yin is a quiet, powerful yet relaxing practice, which involves some aspects of Hatha yoga along with the theories of wellbeing and health. This form of ancient Chinese “yoga” works gently within one’s own body limits eventually providing better strength, flexiblity and health.

Chinese Yoga

Tao Yin back to 1000 B.C. While the exact origin of this practice cannot be traced, rumour has it that Chinese Qigong masters and Indian Kundali masters met on top of a mountain and this new Chinese form of yoga was adopted.

The word Tao means “the way or the path”. Yin means working the body to make it soft. There are three jewels of Tao, they are compassion, humility and moderation. The emphasis of Tao activists rely upon health, freedom, longevity, non-action and immortality.

Tao Yin involves a gentle set of stretching exercises which target the major muscles groups and joints. The yogi moves slowly, gently and fluidly from one pose to another stretching tendons and muscles.

Tao Yin yoga benefits all organs and systems of the body such as:

  • Circulatory system
  • Respiratory system
  • Endocrine system
  • Digestive system
  • Muscular and skeletal system
  • Immune function
  • Oxygen distribution
  • Lymphatic flow

Apart from its physical benefits it also creates a calming effect in the mind increasing the possibility to manage pressures and stress at every step of life. Proponents believe that the daily practice of Tao Yin enhances quality of life. It’s though to help relieve chronic body pain by clearing the mind, body and spirit with correct breathing and posture. The victims of arthritis can benefit substantially from the practice of Tao Yin, as it may help with alleviating pain and increasing the range of motion.

Tao Yin Yang Sheng Gong

The comprehensive method of Qi Gong was created by Master Zhang Guang de at University of Physical Education, Beijing. The basis of this method is on the traditional movements of Tao Yin, that is, regulating energy through movement in accordance with the norms of traditional Chinese medicine. It consists of various sequences and movements aimed at different energy systems of the body.

Chinese Meditation

Meditation requires surrendering your anxious and hyper active thoughts for a small passage of time. Meditation is an important part of the Tao Yin.


If you’ve ever practiced yoga you’ll find many postures similar to hatha yoga. Tao Yin addresses internal energy known as chi and its corresponding pathways called meridians. Postures in Tao Yin are executed to strengthening, opening and stimulating particular meridians so the flow of energy within one’s body can be smooth and free. The meridians are associated with different functions and characteristics which through this channel of chi improves energy balance and its efficiency. So go ahead, loosen up those stressed muscles and try some of the moves.

Sonia Sharma

I am presently functioning as a Yoga instructor for Fitness republic where I can continue feeding my yoga passion everyday in a different format through my writing and make people able to develop their personality at all levels – physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. And yes I am always open to feedback and suggestions.

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